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What does CBI stand for in legal terms?

What does CBI stand for in legal terms?

CBI means Central Bureau of Investigation.

What does CBI mean in the Army?

A-1 Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Personnel
Bd Board
Bn Battalion
CBI China-Burma-India theater
Cbl Cablegram

What does CBI mean in marketing?

The Right Professional to Help You Sell Your Business Consider teaming up with a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI), a professional who fully understands what it takes to successfully sell a business.

What is the abbreviation of CGI?

CGI. abbreviation for. computer-generated image or imagery. common gateway interface.

What does a CBI do?

The California Bureau of Investigation (“CBI” or “BI”) is California’s statewide criminal investigative bureau under the California Department of Justice (CA DOJ), in the Division of Law Enforcement (DLE), administered by the Office of the State Attorney General that provides expert investigative services to assist …

What is the CBI in America?

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the US Justice Department have cracked down on a technical support fraud scheme allegedly masterminded by an American citizen working with call centres in several Indian cities over the past decade.

Is CBI similar to FBI?

The FBI stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, whereas the CBI refers to the Central Bureau of Investigation. The CBI is India’s domestic security agency, whereas The FBI is the United States’ principal law enforcement agency as well as its domestic security and intelligence service.

What does CBI stand for medical?

continuous bladder irrigation. Abbreviation: CBI. A constant flow of normal saline (or other bladder irrigant) through a three-way urinary catheter to keep the catheter patent. It is typically used postoperatively following a transurethral resection of the prostate gland.

What does CBI mean in school?

Community-Based Instruction
Community-Based Instruction (CBI) is for special education students who need instruction in functional skills and life skills.

What is a CBI designation?

The Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) is a prestigious designation exclusive to the IBBA that identifies an experienced and dedicated business broker. It is awarded to intermediaries who have proven professional excellence through verified education as well as exemplary commitment to our industry.

What CD means?

compact disc
CD is an abbreviation for ‘compact disc. ‘

What does VFX stand for?

visual effects
In filmmaking, visual effects (VFX) is the creation or manipulation of any on-screen imagery that does not physically exist in real life.