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What does contiguous mean?

What does contiguous mean?

1 : being in actual contact : touching along a boundary or at a point the 48 contiguous states. 2 of angles : adjacent sense 2. 3 : next or near in time or sequence The fires were contiguous with the earthquake.

What is an example of contiguous?

The definition of contiguous is two things that are connected or touching along one side. An example of contiguous is how Chile shares a border with Argentina.

What is another name for contiguous?

Some common synonyms of contiguous are adjacent, adjoining, and juxtaposed. While all these words mean “being in close proximity,” contiguous implies having contact on all or most of one side.

How do you use contiguous in a sentence?

Contiguous in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Susan chose her condominium because she loved the fact its layout included a large playroom for her growing family.
  2. Although many individuals own several pieces of property in our town, few of them own contiguous lots that are located right next to each other.

What is the difference between continuous and contiguous?

Continuous: Continuing in time or space without interruption. working or moving, without break or irregularity. Contiguous: means neighboring, close to each other or connected in space or time. You can say having a common boundary or edge; abutting; touching.

What is meant by the contiguous US states?

In its strictest sense, “contiguous United States” refers to the lower 48 states in North America (including the District of Columbia), and “continental United States” refers to 49 states (including Alaska and the District of Columbia). However, the terms are often confused and used inconsistently.

Whats the opposite of contiguous?

Antonyms: detached, disconnected, disjoined, distant, remote, separate. Synonyms: abutting, adjacent, adjoining, attached, beside, bordering, close, conterminous, coterminous, near, neighboring, next, nigh.

What is a contiguous relationship?

1 touching along the side or boundary; in contact. 2 physically adjacent; neighbouring. 3 preceding or following in time.

What is contiguous and non contiguous?

Contiguous memory allocation allocates consecutive blocks of memory to a file/process. Non-Contiguous memory allocation allocates separate blocks of memory to a file/process. 2. Faster in Execution.

Can contiguous refer to time?

1 Answer. Next in time or order, immediately successive. As in your sentence with slight modification: The two classes will be taught contiguously, starting with X.

What’s the difference between contiguous and continuous?

These two words have different meanings, so it’s important not to mix up contiguous or continuous. Contiguous means touching or adjacent to. Continuous means uninterrupted and ceaseless.

How many U.S. states are contiguous?

48 contiguous states
CONUS, a technical term used by the U.S. Department of Defense, General Services Administration, NOAA/National Weather Service, and others, has been defined both as the continental United States, and as the 48 contiguous states.