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What does Del Boy always say?

What does Del Boy always say?

Lovely Jubbly! Del Boy’s much-used – and copied – expression of delight was borrowed from an advertising slogan for an orange juice drink in the 1960s called Jubbly. Sullivan remembered it and pictured Del using it, so incorporated it into the show. It entered the new Oxford English Dictionary in 2003.

What was Uncle Albert catchphrases?

Uncle Albert : Keep the noise down will yer, I can hardly hear this! Del Boy : Shut up you saucy old git. Rodney : Well, even if you could hear it, you couldn’t understand it, could you, it’s in Indian! Uncle Albert : In 1959 I was in Bombay!

What is the origin of the saying Only Fools and Horses?

For the actual title he intended to use, as a reference to the protagonist’s tax and work-evading lifestyle, Only Fools and Horses. That name was based on a genuine, though very obscure, saying, “only fools and horses work for a living”, which had its origins in 19th-century American vaudeville.

What does the saying Only Fools and Horses work meaning?

Proverb. only fools and horses work. A philosophy of life, holding that people who do not look for an easy way of earning a living are foolish.

What Are the Only Fools and Horses specials?

Name First Aired
S00E09 The Jolly Boys’ Outing December 25, 1989 BBC One
S00E10 Rodney Come Home December 25, 1990 BBC One
S00E11 Miami Twice: The American Dream (1) December 24, 1991 BBC One
S00E12 Miami Twice: Oh To Be In England (2) December 25, 1991 BBC One

What French phrase does Del boy say?

“Au revoir” Del Boy’s meaning: Hello.

What did Del Boy say in French?

“Mon dieu!” Del Boy’s meaning: You idiot. Actual meaning: My God!

What does Del Boy call money?

Plonker. “What a 42-carat plonker you really are!” Another Del Boy catchword, the inclusion of plonker was apparently one of the more riskier additions to the show’s scripts.

What do Del Boys French phrases mean?

“Crème de la menthe” Del Boy’s meaning: The very best.

What age is David Jason?

81 years (February 2, 1940)
David Jason/Age

Is hooky street a real place?

“Hooky Street” is not the name of an actual road where this guy is situated. Rather it is symbolic, as in the United Kingdom the colloquial definition of “hooky” alludes to the idea of being dishonest.

What is the best Only Fools and Horses episode?

Only Fools: The Favourites

  • The Jolly Boys Outing (1989 Christmas Special)
  • A Touch of Glass (Series 2)
  • Stage Fright (Series 7)
  • Tea for Three (Series 5)
  • Heroes and Villains (1996 Christmas Special Part 1)
  • Yuppie Love (Series 6)
  • Friday the 14th (Series 3)
  • The Unlucky Winner Is… (Series 6)