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What does lsone mean in english?

What does lsone mean in english?

volume_up. loosen {vb} løsne. undo {vb} (to unfasten)

What does cp mean in Swedish?

Offensive slang term derived from the abbreviation for cerebral pares “cerebral palsy” and meaning approximately “retard”.

What does va mean in Swedish?

Va is short for “vad”, which means “what”. When you put it at the end of a sentence like that it’s similar to ending an English sentence with “right?”.

Is fan a bad word?

The term is often used in a demeaning, derogatory fashion and is said to describe the fans that give “normal” fans a bad name. However, on the other hand of the spectrum, some fangirls have embraced the title, considering it a compliment rather than a derogatory term.

Do Swedes swear?

Swedes often swear quite freely in English in a way that may seem strange to native English speakers. They understand that in native English settings you can’t do it, or if you do, it creates this storm. Swedes know they’re allowed to use English swear words where English speakers can’t in certain contexts.

Is skit a bad word?

To sum up; skit is a very mild curse. Among younger people (5-25~) it can be very popular to be used as an intensifier, which is normally fully acceptable within their own chronolect, but more or less frowned upon by elders, mainly due to grammatical reasons rather than skit being an offensive word.

What does Namen mean in Sweden?

nämen!’ Nämen comes from the words nej and men which literally mean ‘no’ and ‘but’. It is used, often at the start of a sentence, to express mild surprise in a positive, neutral or negative sense: ‘Nämen, what a cute dog!

How do you say pizza in French Google Translate?

French translation of ‘pizza’

  1. [base] de pizza.
  2. [dough] à pizza.
  3. [slice, topping] de pizza.
  4. [chain, company] de pizzerias.
  5. [oven] à pizza.

What are fangs refers to?

1 : one of the long sharp teeth by which an animal seizes and holds its prey. 2 : one of the usually two long hollow or grooved teeth by which a poisonous snake injects its poison. Other Words from fang. fanged \ ˈfaŋd \ adjective.

What is a fanatic?

A fanatic is a person with an extreme and often unquestioning enthusiasm, devotion, or zeal for something, such as a religion, political stance, or cause. Less commonly, fanatic can be used as an adjective meaning the same thing as fanatical—having and motivated by extreme enthusiasm or devotion.

How do you say WTF in Swedish?

vafan {interj.}

What does Yavlar mean?

The first words many foreigners learn in a new language are usually swear words. All of these are religiously related words. Jävel (Jävlar), Satan and Fan are all synonyms for the devil. Helvete is the Swedish word for hell.