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What does restrictive measure mean?

What does restrictive measure mean?

Restrictive measure means any prohibition, quantitative restriction, special charge (other than a tariff, internal tax, or charge for a service actually rendered), condition, license, approval or any other measure imposed by any State Authority having a restrictive effect on Foreign Trade, but shall not include …

What are restrictive sanctions?

Restrictive measures (sanctions) are an essential tool in the EU’s common foreign and security policy (CFSP), through which the EU can intervene where necessary to prevent conflict or respond to emerging or current crises. In spite of their colloquial name ‘sanctions’, EU restrictive measures are not punitive.

Can the EU sanction member states?

Article 7 of the Treaty on European Union is a procedure in the treaties of the European Union (EU) to suspend certain rights from a member state. While rights can be suspended, there is no mechanism to expel a member. The state in question would still be bound by the obligations of the treaties.

What is meant restrictive?

1a : of or relating to restriction. b : serving or tending to restrict restrictive regulations. 2 : limiting the reference of a modified word or phrase. 3 : prohibiting further negotiation.

What is the mean of restricted?

: subject or subjected to restriction: such as. a : not general : limited the decision had a restricted effect. b : available to the use of particular groups or specifically excluding others a restricted country club. c : not intended for general circulation or release a restricted document.

What is restrictive intermediate punishment?

Restrictive Intermediate Punishments are defined as programs that provide for strict supervision of the offender. (iv) An offender assessed as not in need of drug or alcohol treatment may be placed in any approved Restrictive Intermediate Punishment program.

Who has to comply with international sanctions?

According to Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, only the UN Security Council has a mandate by the international community to apply sanctions (Article 41) that must be complied with by all UN member states (Article 2,2).

What is the rule of law in EU?

The EU claims to be founded on the respect for the rule of law. In a democracy, citizens must be able to rely upon a judiciary that is independent, on a legislature that respects fundamental rights, and on an executive that abides by its own rules. Currently the rule of law in Europe is under threat.

Who needs to comply with sanctions?

All individuals and legal entities who are within or undertake activities within the UK’s territory must comply with UK financial sanctions that are in force.

What’s another word for restrictive?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for restrictive, like: limiting, prohibitive, confining, prohibitory, definitive, conditional, nonrestrictive, qualificatory, inflexible, opposed and unrestrictive.

What are restrictive practices?

Restrictive practice is making someone do something they don’t want to do or. stopping someone doing something they want to do. (Skills for Health, 2014)

Why does Restricted mean?

If so, you probably know it means “Stay out.” A restricted area can only be entered by certain people. Anything labeled restricted is not public. Restricted things are private, and only certain people who are authorized can access or use those things. Anything restricted is subject to more rules.