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What does Steven do to take his mind off Jeffrey?

What does Steven do to take his mind off Jeffrey?

He wants to fit in with he band members (They call him peasant). What strategies does Steven use to keep his mind off of Jeffrey? What finally works as a distraction? He counted his tic tacs, worked on math problems and thought about Renee.

What did Steven hear as they were leaving the hospital ward?

As they were leaving the hospital ward Steven heard clicking sounds as Sam tried out the drumsticks he had given her.

What caused Jeffreys fever?

Jeffrey came down with a fever and it was a medical emergency. What caused Jeffery’s fever? A simple ear infection. Steven’s mom starts to cry while on the phone after she learns Jeffrey needs to be transported to another hospital.

Why does Steven always make promises to God?

Why does Steven begin to constantly make promises to God? He tells himself that if he keeps these promises, Jeffrey will get better. He feels terrible about all of the mean things he has done to his brother. He hopes this will encourage God to help his parents through this difficult time.

How does Steven feel about his brother Jeffrey?

Jeffrey is described by Steven as being ‘too cute,’ and he adores his brother.

Why did Steven shave his head?

For instance, Steven shaves his own head so his brother won’t feel self-conscious about losing his hair. Steven’s dedication is especially clear during the big All-City concert when Steven gives up his upcoming drum solo because his brother asks Steven to go to the hospital with him.

What is the most annoying thing in the world to Steven?

Who is Steven’s most annoying thing in the world? His brother, Jeffrey.

What did Mrs Galley give to Steven?

candy hearts
Mrs. She also rewards Steven for talking by giving him candy hearts.

When did Stevens life change forever?

All it takes is one bad day to have your life changed forever. In Steven Paschall’s case, a stroke on the morning of February 14th, 2016 took his control of his left arm and hand away from him. Steven’s life changed forever when an event out of his control cost him the use of his dominant hand.

How much younger is Jeffrey than Steven?

The Alper family consists of Dad, an accountant; Mom, an English teacher; Steven, an enthusiastic and talented drummer who is also a self-described “skinny geek;” and Jeffrey, eight years younger, whom Steven describes as cute, adoring of his big brother, and apt to blurt out really embarrassing remarks about Steven in …

Why did Renee and Annette come up with the fundraising idea?

Q. Why did Renee and Annette come up with the concert fundraising idea? They asked Jeffery if he wanted to have the concert.

What bad news did Steven and the All City Band get?

Steven and the All-City band got bad news in the form of a new community service requirement for high school students effective immediately which was going to force some members to quit in order to have enough time for community service, but Annette and Renee came up with the benefit concert idea and solved the problem …