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What does the Count of Monte Cristo do for Albert and Franz?

What does the Count of Monte Cristo do for Albert and Franz?

Franz accompanies Albert to Rome, where he acts as an emissary between the bandits and Monte Cristo after Albert is captured by the bandits.

How does the Count of Monte Cristo Save Albert?

Dantes had actually hired a bandit known as Luigi Vampa to kidnap Albert, who used his mistress to lure Albert. Dantes then “saved” him as the Count of Monte Cristo, thus earning his trust and friendship.

What does Monte Cristo ask of Albert?

In return for saving his life, Monte Cristo asks Albert to introduce him to Parisian society when he visits the city in three months’ time. Albert is delighted. Franz, however, is wary, noting that Monte Cristo seems to shudder involuntarily when he is forced to shake hands with Albert.

What happened in chapter 21 of the Count of Monte Cristo?

Chapter 21: The Isle of Tiboulen A storm erupts, and Dantès watches helplessly as a small boat crashes against the rocks, killing all the men on board. He then sees a Genoese ship in the distance and realizes that this ship is his one chance to finalize his escape.

How does the Count of Monte Cristo end?

Faria tells Dantès about a treasure hidden on the uninhabited island of Monte Cristo and then dies. Dantès sews himself inside Faria’s burial shroud and is flung into the sea. He frees himself and is rescued by a crew of smugglers.

How was Albert kidnapped during Carnival?

He explains that his master, the notorious Luigi Vampa, kidnapped Albert. Monte Cristo immediately tells Peppino to take them to Vampa at once. Vampa, more like a gallant gentleman than a bandit, profusely apologizes to Monte Cristo and immediately releases Albert.

Who are Alberts seconds in the duel?

That evening, during an intermission at the opera, Albert, accompanied by Beauchamp and Château-Renaud, challenges Monte Cristo to a duel the following morning. Monte Cristo asks Maximilien Morrel, who has accompanied him to the opera, to serve as his second at the duel.

Who does Monte Cristo end up with?

A lot of things had to be condensed for the movie, with some characters left out or combined. But the most interesting thing about it is that Dantes ends up with Mercedes in the end. Haydee is left out entirely and Albert turns out to be the son of Dantes, conceived before he was imprisoned.

What happened in chapter 20 of Count of Monte Cristo?

By Alexandre Dumas After despairing and contemplating suicide, he suddenly gets a brilliant idea. Using Faria’s tools, he cuts a whole in the sack and removes Faria’s body. After putting the body in his own bed and covering it in bedsheets, he gets into the sack and sews himself inside.

Where do Albert and Monte Cristo first meet?

Albert and Beauchamp rush to Monte Cristo’s house, but are told that he is not receiving any visitors. However, the servant at the door reveals that Monte Cristo will be attending the opera that evening. Albert sends word to Franz, Debray, and Maximilian to meet him at the opera.

Is Albert Edmonds son?

Furthermore, Mondego has married Mercédès, and the two have a son named Albert. Having established himself in Parisian society, and having distanced himself from Edmond Dantès, the Count is able to formulate his plans of revenge against the men who betrayed him.

Does Edmond forgive Mercédès?

Mercédès falls to her knees and begs his forgiveness, declaring her enduring love for Edmond Dantès. She pleads with Monte Cristo to save her son’s life, beseeching him to take vengeance only on those who are guilty.

Why did the Count of Monte Cristo want Albert to go to Paris?

In other words, the Count of Monte Cristo wants Albert to become so indebted to him that Albert will introduce him into Paris society, and thereby introduce him to the very enemies against whom he plans his revenge.

Who was Franz on the island of Monte Cristo?

A young society man and friend of Albert’s, Baron Franz D’Epinay meets the Count on the island of Monte Cristo and is later pledged to marry Valentine, although Noirtier-Villefort ends this engagement by revealing that he, long ago, killed Franz’s father.

Who are the servants of the Count of Monte Cristo?

Another of the Count’s “slaves,” Ali is a silent and devoted follower of the Count’s, greatly skilled in all manner of deeds, including horsemanship and adventuring. One of the Count’s servants, Bertuccio, a Corsican, discovers Villefort’s child, whom he has tried to bury.

Why did Albert invite the count to Paris?

Albert invites the Count to visit him in Paris, not knowing that the Count was once betrothed to his mother, Mercedes, and that the Count has vowed revenge against Albert’s father, Fernand. Albert becomes a great supporter of, and friend to, the Count in Paris.