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What does the word Carpathians mean?

What does the word Carpathians mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) : situated in or relating to the Carpathian mountains of central Europe.

What language do Carpathians speak?

Carpathian Romani, also known as Central Romani or Romungro Romani, is a group of dialects of the Romani language spoken from southern Poland to Hungary, and from eastern Austria to Ukraine.

What does the word precipitous?

1 : precipitate sense 2. 2a : very steep, perpendicular, or overhanging in rise or fall a precipitous slope. b : having precipitous sides a precipitous gorge. c : having a very steep ascent a precipitous street.

Was Carpathia a country?

Carpathia, in full Royal Mail Ship (RMS) Carpathia, British passenger liner that was best known for rescuing survivors from the ship Titanic in 1912. The Carpathia was in service from 1903 to 1918, when it was sunk by a German U-boat.

Is Carpathian a real language?

The Carpathian languages is a group of closely related languages, spoken in the Carpathian mountains, mainly in Eastern Slovakia and Western Ukraine, but also in Romania. It is a branch of the Oronaic language family. The group is usually divided into three languages, spoken by no more than 90 000 people.

What nationality is Rusyn?

The ethnic classification of Rusyns as a separate East Slavic ethnicity distinct from Russians, Ukrainians, or Belarusians is, consequently, politically controversial. The majority of scholars on the topic consider Rusyns to be an ethnic subgroup of the Ukrainian people.

How do you say the word Gibraltar?


  1. Gi·​bral·​tar | \ jə-ˈbrȯl-tər \
  2. Gi·​bral·​tar | \ jə-ˈbrȯl-tər \
  3. Other Words from Gibraltar. Geographical name. Gibraltarian \ jə-​ˌbrȯl-​ˈter-​ē-​ən , ˌji-​ˌbrȯl-​ \ noun.

What is precipitous behavior?

hasty, overhasty, precipitate, precipitant, precipitousadjective. done with very great haste and without due deliberation.

What is another word for precipitous?

Some common synonyms of precipitous are abrupt, sheer, and steep. While all these words mean “having an incline approaching the perpendicular,” precipitous applies to an incline approaching the vertical.

Why did Californian ignore Titanic?

SS Califronian was a ship, which was in the area during one of the most famous marine accidents of all time in 1912. In fact, it was Californian that warned the Titanic about pack-ice in the region. Californian itself has stopped for the night because of the dangers and its radio operator was allowed to go to sleep.