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What is a backstory in drama?

What is a backstory in drama?

In acting, it is the history of the character before the drama begins, and is created during the actor’s preparation. It is the history of characters and other elements that underlie the situation existing at the main narrative’s start. Even a purely historical work selectively reveals backstory to the audience.

What is an example of backstory?

Backstory includes the events that directly lead to the “story” and its storyform. For example: Bob’s backstory involved the loss of a child pet that made him hypersensitive to having children, pets, or any other form of personal responsibility.

How do you explain a backstory?

Backstory refers to the characters’ history and other story elements that underlie the situation at the start of the book. Backstory helps to establish the setting and makes the reader care about what happens to the characters. But as authors, we need to be careful: Backstory by definition takes the story backward.

What is the meaning of story behind?

the reason(s) for it happening.

When did backstory become a word?

backstory (n.) 1990, from background story.

What is the purpose of a backstory?

Backstory reflects the influences from the past. Backstory has two main jobs to fulfill in your story: (1) to reveal important information about the main characters, and (2) to help depict a fully realized story world.

What is a backstory of a character?

A backstory is a comprehensive overview of a character’s history that extends beyond the story in which the character appears. Devising backstories is a crucial part of character creation since a character’s background will inform the action of the main narrative.

How do you put a backstory in a story?

Backstory Best Practices

  1. Only insert backstory where it’s relevant. Backstory should always be triggered by something that’s happening in the story present.
  2. Avoid “info-dumping” at all costs.
  3. Always show the reader why the backstory matters.

How do you use backstory?

Instead, use backstory to color your characters’ present actions. You keep your readers engaged by moving the story forward. You move your story through character behavior, not long descriptive passages about what happened in the past. Backstory comes out the way it does in real life—in bits and pieces.

What is a character backstory?

What does backstory mean in reading?

noun, plural back·sto·ries. a narrative providing a history or background context, especially for a character or situation in a literary work, film, or dramatic series.

What is another word for backstory?

What is another word for backstory?

background environment
history past
tradition circumstances
class cultivation
milieu aura