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What is a hostile nation?

What is a hostile nation?

hostile Add to list Share. If something is hostile, it’s unfriendly. You can talk about a hostile nation, a hostile takeover, a hostile remark, or a hostile attitude. Some synonyms are inimical, antagonistic, unfavorable, unfriendly.

What is another word for hostile environment?

In this page you can discover 87 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hostile, like: unfriendly, vicious, aggressive, mean, incongruous, hateful, truculent, friendly, antagonistic, adverse and attack.

What does hostile approach mean?

2 adj Someone who is hostile is unfriendly and aggressive. (=aggressive)

What is the hostile action?

A hostile act is an attack or other use of force by any civilian, paramilitary, or military force or terrorist(s) (with or without national designation) against the United States, US forces and, in certain circumstances, US nationals, their property, US commercial assets, or other designated non-US forces, foreign …

What hostile means?

Full Definition of hostile 1a : of or relating to an enemy hostile fire. b : marked by malevolence : having or showing unfriendly feelings a hostile act. c : openly opposed or resisting a hostile critic hostile to new ideas.

What is a hostile takeover in business?

A hostile takeover occurs when an acquiring company attempts to take over a target company against the wishes of the target company’s management. Target companies can use certain defenses, such as the poison pill or a golden parachute, to ward off hostile takeovers.

What has the same meaning as hostile?

uncongenial, incompatible, unfriendly, inimical. Antonyms: friendly, well-meaning, amicable, reconcilable, unaggressive, unthreatening, hospitable, well-disposed, favorable, nonaggressive. hostileadjective.

What is the same meaning of hostile?

What is the example of hostile?

The definition of hostile is defined as aggressive, angry or unfriendly. An example of hostile is walking up to a stranger on the street and screaming in their ear for no reason; a hostile act.

What is a hostile takeover example?

A hostile takeover happens when one company sets its sights on buying another company, despite objections from the target company’s board of directors. Some notable hostile takeovers include when AOL took over Time Warner, when Kraft Foods took over Cadbury, and when Sanofi-Aventis took over Genzyme Corporation.

What is an example of hostile?

Is hostile good or bad?

Hostility is the state of ill will and bad feeling. Hostility can be used to describe aggressive relations between two countries as well as between people.