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What is a simile in Seedfolks?

What is a simile in Seedfolks?

“Shot dead like a dog on the street” Wendell; simile. “So he wandered around the apartment all day, in and out of rooms, talking to himself, just like a kid in diapers”

What are some metaphors in Seedfolks?

Seedfolks Metaphors and Similes

  • “Gibb Street became the line between the blacks and the whites, like a border between countries.” (Simile, p.
  • “God, who made Eden, also wrecked the Tower of Babel, by dividing people.
  • “We, like our seeds, were now planted in the garden.” (Metaphor, p.

What is Gonzalo about in Seedfolks?

Gonzalo is a teenager from Guatemala and narrates one chapter of Seedfolks. He opens his chapter with his views on how the experience of immigrating to the U.S. changes depending on a person’s age.

How does Gonzalo describe Tio Juan?

Turns out Tío Juan is a super amazing gardener. He used to be a farmer in Guatemala, and the guy hasn’t lost his green thumb. In fact, Gonzalo realizes just how smart Tío Juan is.

Who was referred to by the simile like a fisherman mending his net seedfolks?

What do you think of the metaphors Sam gives us when he talks about his job? He compares himself to “fishermen,” yet he also talks about being on “battlefields.” Sounds to us like Sam is a mender and a fighter all in one.

Why did Virgil’s father lie to miss Fleck?

Virgil’s dad lied to Miss Fleck because he is greedy and planted more than he should and doesn’t want to give it back. Miss Fleck’s response is that she didn’t really believe him, but she just walked away.

Which character said a duck gives birth to a duckling not a moose?

Explain the metaphor, “A duck gives birth to a duckling, not a moose” in the chapter about Sam. It means that the neighborhood created a garden that is just like- not different than- itself.

How does Gonzalo change in seedfolks?

By seeing his expertise in the garden, Gonzalo learns to respect his family more and grows into a better, more mature individual. Gonzalo’s attitude towards them changes when he finds his uncle at the garden instructing the other gardeners on what to do.

How does Gonzalo learn English in seedfolks?

He mentions that two years after he moved to Cleveland he learned how to speak English. Gonzalo says his father worked in a kitchen with Mexicans and Salvadorans, which is why his English was worse than a kindergartener.

What do you think of Gonzalo?

(v) What do you think of Gonzalo? Answer : Gonzalo is devoted to the King of Naples, Alonso. He remains calm and composed at the time of grave crises. He has full faith in God and prays to him to let him die on a piece of dry land.

How old is Gonzalo from seedfolks?

Gonzalo is 14 years old. How does the garden affect Tio Juan in Seedfolks? In the book Seedfolks Tio Juan is the uncle of Gonzalo. He came to America from Guatemala.

Why do you think Gonzalo was embarrassed by his father and his uncle?

Gonzalo is embarrassed by his father and uncle because they do not speak English. The language barrier makes it difficult for them to interact with others. Gonzalo realizes his family members will be viewed as strange because they seem lost and do not have the ability to communicate with the citizens of Cleveland.