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What is an EEC power relay?

What is an EEC power relay?

EEC Power Relay not only supplies battery power to the fuel injection engine (also known as EEC electronic control assembly), but also supplies power to fuel injectors, fuel injector relay, pump and some other emission-related solenoid valves. means: electronic engine control.

What is a EEC fuse?

The EEC fuse protects most of the EEC-IV system, including the computer module, the sensors, and the solenoids the EEC-IV computer controls. I wish I had a quick, easy answer, but I don’t.

What is EEC on a Ford?

The Ford EEC or Electronic Engine Control is a series of ECU (or Engine Control Unit) that was designed and built by Ford Motor Company.

Where is the EEC power relay?

EEC relay is located behind the passenger side kick panel of the console on the ECU bracket. There will be two relays attached to the bracket a green/black one which is the fuel pump relay, and a brown/black one which is the EEC relay.

Where is the EEC fuse?

It’s under the Fuses. Passenger side Fender. The Fuse case snaps off metal bracket.

What is a EEC system?

The EEC system is a method of controlling HC emissions by collecting fuel vapours from the fuel tank and carburettor fuel bowl vents, and directing them into an engine intake manifold. A typical evaporative emission control system is illustrated in Fig. 17.19. 17.6.

Where is the fuel pump relay on an 01 f150?

Where is the fuel pump relay located? It is located in the battery junction box under the hood. If you are looking right at the relay box, it is on the left side, second relay down.

Where is EEC located?

European Economic Community

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EEC in 1993
Status Economic union
Capital Brussels Luxembourg Strasbourg²
Common languages show 9 (1993)

What is a EEC diode?

The diode appears to be there to keep the PCM POWER relay coil from experiencing back EMF from the ignition coil which might cause it to chatter. It will also keep the PCM from receiving power in the event that battery power is reversed.