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What is Canthotomy and Cantholysis?

What is Canthotomy and Cantholysis?

Lateral canthotomy and cantholysis (LCC) is a simple pro- cedure used to decompress a compartment syndrome of the orbit. It is most often used in cases of blunt trauma, when bleeding into the retrobulbar space causes an increase in pressure resulting in ischemia to the retina and optic nerve.

How does a lateral Canthotomy work?

Relevant Anatomy for Lateral Canthotomy The lateral canthal tendon has two branches: a superior and an inferior. Cutting one, or both, loosens the eyelids and allows the globe to expand out of the orbit and thus relieve pressure on the eye.

When is lateral Canthotomy performed?

Lateral canthotomy and cantholysis should be performed for ocular compartment syndrome (most commonly caused by retrobulbar hemorrhage) with acute loss of visual acuity, relative afferent pupillary defect, increased IOP, and proptosis.

What’s a Canthotomy?

A canthotomy involves cutting the canthus, often performed to release excessive orbital pressure (i.e., from orbital hemorrhage or infection).

What is the difference between Canthotomy and Cantholysis?

Lateral canthotomy, the emergency treatment for orbital compartment syndrome, is the surgical exposure of the lateral canthal tendon. Cantholysis is canthotomy plus incision of the inferior branch (crus) of the tendon.

What is the CPT code for Canthotomy?

Review of CPT codes, including codes in the eye and ocular adnexa section, reveals certain services designated as “separate procedures.” An example of such a code would be CPT 67715, Canthotomy (separate procedure).

What is the lateral canthus?

Lateral canthus: the lateral confluence of upper and lower eyelid margins. Sclera: the collagenous outer wall of the eyeball.

What is lateral Canthoplasty?

Lateral canthoplasty is a procedure in which the lateral canthus is fixed (anchored) to the lateral orbital rim after surgical division (lateral cantholysis). It is usually performed with lower blepharoplasty in order to correct the laxity and malposition of the lower lid [1].

What is the medial canthus?

Medial canthus: the medial confluence of upper and lower eyelid margins. Lacrimal sac: collects tears coming from the canaliculi.

How do you do lateral Canthotomy and Cantholysis?

Use iris scissors to cut from the lateral canthus to the rim of the orbit, about 1 to 2 cm (canthotomy). Cut the inferior and sometimes both crus of the lateral canthal ligament (cantholysis). Most experts recommend starting with the inferior crus. Lift the lateral portion of lower eyelid.

What is Canthoplasty surgery?

Canthoplasty, also known as cat-eye surgery, is an elective eyelid surgery that can modify the shape and size of the eyes. It reshapes and repositions the upper outer corner of the eye, giving the eye a cat-eye shape, which is considered attractive.

What is lateral Canthotomy?