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What is Jason Schwartzman known for?

What is Jason Schwartzman known for?

Schwartzman has released three albums through his solo project Coconut Records, having previously been drummer in the rock band Phantom Planet….

Jason Schwartzman
Occupation Actor screenwriter producer singer musician songwriter
Years active 1994–present
Spouse(s) Brady Cunningham ​ ​ ( m. 2009)​
Children 3

Does Jason Schwartzman have kids?

Marlowe Rivers Schwartzman
Una Schwartzman
Jason Schwartzman/Children

Jason Schwartzman is too busy to be Bored to Death – he has a new baby at home. The actor and wife Brady Cunningham welcomed a daughter, Marlowe Rivers Schwartzman, on Saturday, Dec. 4 in Los Angeles, his rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Did Jason Schwartzman gain weight?

Jason Schwartzman used to wake up at 3am to eat doughnuts. The actor was so nervous about his role in Marie Antoinette, he decided to gain 45 pounds to distract people from his performance. But putting on weight was harder than he thought and Jason was forced to binge on junk food at odd hours.

How old is Max in Rushmore?

Max Fischer, a mature and eccentric 15-year-old, is a scholarship student at Rushmore Academy, a private school in Houston.

Who is Jason Schwartzman wife?

Brady Cunninghamm. 2009
Jason Schwartzman/Wife
No birth details or name were given. It’s the second child for “The Grand Budapest Hotel” actor and his wife, Brady Cunningham, whom he wed in July 2009. Schwartzman, 33, and the fashion designer are already parents to daughter Marlowe Rivers, 3.

Who is Jason Schwartzman mother?

Talia Shire
Jason Schwartzman/Mothers

Who is Jason Schwartzman married to?

Jason Schwartzman/Spouse

Is Jason Schwartzman vegan?

A common face in Wes Anderson films, actor Jason Schwartzman says he’s “essentially a vegan,” according to an interview with The New York Times’ T Magazine. And just because you don’t eat animal products, doesn’t mean you can’t eat classically animal-based foods.

Who wrote Rushmore?

Wes Anderson
Owen Wilson

How old was Wes Anderson when he made bottle rocket?

On 21 February 1996 – a quarter of a century ago today – 26-year-old Wes Anderson’s feature length debut, Bottle Rocket, tip-toed into some 30 cinemas around the United States. Just over a fortnight later, on 8 March, the Coen brothers put out their sixth film and their first mainstream hit, Fargo.

Does Jason Schwartzman play piano?

So I have to talk like Richard and I’m gonna do the accent, which in this case is the way he plays piano and that’s what I focused on the most. That was a great way into the thing because when he said to me, “Just love music,” what I got from that was, “Focus on the music.”

Why does Wes Anderson Use same actors?

Sometimes you can feel isolated when you make a film, American films especially — the stars are in their trailers. With Wes, he needs a deep connection with his actors, that’s why I think he works with the same people all the time. He’s very shy too. And they’re all his friends — even me, I saw that now, he’s a friend.