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What is KB real name?

What is KB real name?

Kevin Elijah Burgess
KB/Full name

How old is Lecrae Moore?

42 years (October 9, 1979)

What is KB story?

KB stories are true stories of how inquiry takes place in a KB classroom. KB stories outline the trigger activities, the key inquiry question and students’ ideas answering the key inquiry question. KB is about improvable ideas.

How much does lecrae make?

Lecrae Net Worth: Lecrae is an American Christian hip-hop artist and rapper as well as record producer who has a net worth of $2 million….LeCrae Net Worth.

Net Worth: $2 Million
Profession: Actor, Record producer, Music artist, Rapper, Singer, Entrepreneur
Nationality: United States of America

Where is rapper KB from?

St. Petersburg, FL
KB/Place of birth

Where did KB grow up?

Florida-based KB (née Kevin Burgess) is not your typical rapper. KB spent his youth on St. Petersburg’s South side, what he calls “smack dab in one of the worst neighborhoods in the state,” and was plagued by a broken home, absent father, drugs, and fights, plus gambling and other youthful troublemaking.

How old is Lacree?

How old is Trip Lee?

33 years (December 17, 1987)
Trip Lee/Age

Does KB have a daughter?

KB and his wife have two sons and a daughter. ‘Masterpiece’ is one of the singles on his latest album released in 2020 called His Glory Alone.

How old is kb the rapper?

33 years (July 21, 1988)

How much does it cost to book KB?

KB is a keynote speaker and industry expert who speaks on a wide range of topics . The estimated speaking fee range to book KB for your event is $5,000 – $10,000. KB generally travels from and can be booked for (private) corporate events, personal appearances, keynote speeches, or other performances.

When did KB leave Reach Records?

He is also a member of the label’s collective 116 Clique. He left Reach in 2020 and signed with Essential Sound, releasing his fourth studio album, His Glory Alone.

Kevin Elijah Burgess (born July 21, 1988), better known by his stage name KB, is an American Christian hip hop artist and music executive from St. Petersburg, Florida.

When did BZRK by KB come out?

Burgess appeared in Family Force 5 music video for the song “BZRK”, released on May 23, 2014, on which Burgess is a featured artist. On February 3, 2015, KB took to social media to reveal his second studio album, Tomorrow We Live, along with the cover and release date.

What kind of problems did kb have in his life?

But despite this opportunity, he struggled with extreme depression and experimented with various drugs to try to relieve it. He began struggling at school due to his problems with his personal life, and even contemplated suicide.

When did KB’s new EP 100 come out?

On February 10, 2014, KB announced his new project, an EP entitled 100, which was released on March 4, 2014.