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What is planning cluster in TLE?

What is planning cluster in TLE?

2. Planning Cluster The planning cluster is made up of the following characteristics: 2.1 Goal setting This refers to the ability of an entrepreneur to set clear and specific goals and objectives. This will help or work for the cause of the business in a positive manner to accomplish own objectives.

What are three planning clusters?

In the model of competencies, Arafeh (2016) found three clusters that must be attained by entrepreneurs, namely achievement, planning dan power. The cluster of achievement consists of opportunity-seeking and initiative, persistence, fulfilling commitment, demand for quality and efficiency, taking a calculated risk. …

What is the meaning of POWER cluster?

POWER cluster is a project that aims to establish a business cluster for offshore wind power in the North Sea Region. It is the successor of the POWER project funded under Interreg IIIB.

What does achievement cluster mean?

Achievement cluster is part of the PECs needed to be come a successful entrepreneur. These three are achievement, planning and power. Under achievement cluster, we have opportunity seeking, commitment to the work contract, persistence, risk taking and demand for efficiency and quality.

What are the clusters of PECs and explain its characteristics?

These PECs include achievement cluster that addresses the opportunity-seeking and initiative, persistence, fulfillment of commitments, demand for quality and efficiency, and calculated risks; planning cluster that focuses on: goal-setting, information-seeking, and systematic planning and monitoring; and the power …

Which is part of the power cluster?

The project contributes to the economic attractiveness and competitiveness of these maritime regions. The POWER cluster project is a project involving 18 partners from six countries around the North Sea – Germany, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.

What are examples of power clusters?

Examples of innovation within the POWER cluster project itself are the development and implementation of several offshore wind energy related BSc and MSc courses and modules, the creation of transnational offshore wind energy business networks, as well as the development of the first cluster wind supply map.

What is demand for efficiency and quality?

Demand for quality and efficiency An entrepreneur is always competing with others to do things better, faster, and at less cost he/she strives to achieve excellence.

What is systematic planning and monitoring?

Systematic planning and monitoring. Systematic means “in an orderly, logical way”. Planning is deciding what you are going to do. Monitoring means checking. It is, in fact, what a business plan is for: to see if something is feasible prior to trying it.

What are planning cluster PECs?

Why are power clusters important?

POWER cluster embodies a strong grouping of key players in the offshore wind energy sector of the North Sea Region committed to leading the way in terms of renewable energies. Its impact is visible not only on the local, regional or national levels but also on the international level.

What is the meaning of opportunity seeking?

1. The ongoing process of considering, evaluating, and pursuing market-based activities that are believed to be advantageous for the firm. Prior experience informs the process, but it may also limit it: opportunity seeking calls for continuous reconsideration and adaptive learning.