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What is the average price for bluestone?

What is the average price for bluestone?

Bluestone Patio Costs by Type

Bluestone Material Average Costs
Bluestone Pavers $5–$12 /square foot
Bluestone Treads $45–$85 /each
Bluestone Slabs $27 /square foot
Bluestone Steps $15–$55 /each

Why is blue stone so expensive?

Natural stone tends to cost more than brick pavers or poured concrete paving stones, mainly due to the cost of quarrying and availability of the product. Rare natural stones cost more, and bluestone is only available from certain parts of North America, making it highly desirable and often priced at a premium.

Are pavers or bluestone more expensive?

A natural stone like bluestone tends to cost more than other pavers because of the cost of quarrying, as well as availability. Because bluestone is highly desirable and only comes from a few regions, it is often priced at a premium.

What is blue stone rock?

The Inspiring Effect Of Bluestone Like flagstone and limestone, bluestone is a sedimentary rock, formed by the fusing of particles deposited by rivers, oceans and lakes. This stone’s deep blue, green, and grey shades are why so many people choose it for their landscape.

How much does bluestone patio cost?

A bluestone patio costs about $18 per square foot to install, though it could be as much as $20 per square foot depending on the style you choose. Bluestone is a durable stone that is a cool gray or blue color.

Is bluestone the same as slate?

Bluestone and slate are both used as building stone, but the properties and uses of the two types of rock are very different. Both bluestone and slate, however, are built of sedimentary deposits which have been altered over millennia of geologic processes.

How strong is blue stone?

Bluestone is a very strong stone with a hardness of six on the Mohs scale. This is harder than marble at five and softer than granite at seven, so it will not scratch or chip easily like some other stones might.

Does blue stone fade?

Bluestone’s Range of Color is unmatched. Unlike concrete pavers, natural bluestone color never fades. The hue of the stone is consistent throughout the entire piece of stone. The color is primarily a steely blue gray, but depending on the source, it can contain hints of green, brown or rust.

What does Blue stone look like?

“Bluestone” is a term that refers to sedimentary rocks, like sandstone or limestone that appear blue-grey in colour. When wet or freshly cut, bluestone usually appears blue, however, it’s also available in many other colours.

Can you paint blue stone?

The good news is that you can paint natural stone tile. The bad news is that you cannot paint it different colors like you can the walls of your home. However, applying a sealant can make a world of difference to how easy it is to keep a lasting paint job.

Where is blue stone found?

There are two distinct building materials called “bluestone” in the United States, one is also found in Canada. Bluestone is quarried in western New Jersey, Pennsylvania and eastern New York. It is also quarried in the Canadian Appalachians near Deer Lake in Western Newfoundland.

What does blue stone look like?