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What is the best club in soccer?

What is the best club in soccer?

Updated after matches played on 7 November 2021

Rank Club / Country Points
1 Bayern München Germany 2106
2 Manchester City England 1981
3 Liverpool FC England 1979
4 Real Madrid Spain 1953

Which is the best football club in world?

Real Madrid
1Complete list of top 10 football clubs in the world Team Value
1 Real Madrid $4.76 billion
2 FC Barcelona $4.75 billion
3 Manchester United $4.2 billion
4 Bayern Munich $4.215 billion

Who is the best soccer club of all time?

Real madrid.

  • Milan.
  • Liverpool.
  • Bayern.
  • Barcelona.
  • Manchester United.
  • Juventus.
  • Ajax.
  • Which club is the greatest of all time?


    Pos. Club Country
    1 Real Madrid Spain
    2 Manchester United England
    3 Bayern Munich Germany
    4 Barcelona Spain

    Who is better Messi or Ronaldo?

    Messi is the all-time La Liga top scorer, as well as having the most assists in the competition’s history – with Ronaldo in second for goals scored and in third for assists provided – while Ronaldo is the UEFA Champions League all-time top goalscorer and assist provider, with Messi in second for both goals scored and …

    Who owns Barcelona?

    The club is owned by its club members The FC Barcelona is one of the few clubs in the world to be owned by the club members themselves. Together these members form the governing body of the club and in 2016 there were an estimated 140,000 socis or members in Catalan.

    Who is better in Messi and Ronaldo?

    Messi has an advantage over Ronaldo: Messi has won more titles mostly because he plays for a better team, not because he is a better player than Ronaldo. Throughout his entire career, Messi played for arguably the best side to ever play the game.

    Is Messi a striker or midfielder?

    Lionel Andrés Messi (born 24 June 1987 in Rosario) is an Argentine international football player who played for FC Barcelona in the Primera División, and appears on Argentina’s national team….Lionel Messi.

    Full name Lionel Andrés Messi
    Position Supporting striker / Attacking Midfielder / Striker
    Number 10

    Which team is Ronaldo?

    Manchester United F.C.#7 / Forward
    Portugal national football team#7 / Forward
    Cristiano Ronaldo/Current teams