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What is the closest airport to Lake Como Italy?

What is the closest airport to Lake Como Italy?

Closest airports to Como Lake are : Milan Linate and Malpensa and Bergamo Orio al Serio. For reach the lake you can rent a car and it takes about 1 hour, 1 hour and half : it’s depende which area of the lake you need reach.

Are there 2 airports in Milan?

Milan has 3 international airports – Malpensa, Linate and nearby Bergamo airport. With more than 46 million annual passengers, Milan is the second busiest Italian city in airline traffic. Choosing the right Milan airport depends on a number of things, like departure and accommodation location.

Which airport do you fly to for Italian lakes?

For the eastern lakes, flying into Verona or Brescia are the best options, but for the western lakes, including Maggiore and Como, you should head for Milan or Bergamo. Milan’s Malpensa is 30 miles northwest of the city and only 10 miles from southern Lake Maggiore (

Can you fly into Lake Como?

Flights. The easiest way to arrive into Lake Como is to fly into Milan’s Malpensa airport which is almost 25 miles south of the town. Once at the airport the shortest way for visitors to complete their trip is by taking a train or bus into the town. Taxis to Lake Como are also available.

What is the best airport to fly into for Lake Como?

Milan Malpensa International Airport
The nearest airport to Lake Como is Milan Malpensa International Airport. From the airport you can take the Malpensa Express to Saronno and from there take a train to Como. The journey takes 1 hour and 30 minutes or 2 hours depending on the time interval for the change. The price is around 18 Euros.

Which is better Lake Como or Garda?

The general perception is that Lake Garda is more touristy and crowded than Lake Como. On the other hand, Lake Como is developed all the way around the lake… but with scattered villages that range between touristy and crowded and the more “authentic.” (Como, Bellagio, and Varenna are especially popular with visitors).

How do I get from Milan airport to Lake Como?

Milan Airport to Lake Como by train There are two ways to get from Malpensa Airport to Lake Como by train. The first option is to take the Malpensa Express and get off at Saronno, where you can change trains to Como Lago Nord station. The journey takes around 1h 30m.

How do I get from Linate airport to Milan city Centre?

The most convenient and fast method to reach the city centre is by hiring a Linate airport taxi. The ride costs approximately 40€ and the travel time is around 15 minutes. A much cheaper option is the bus. Bus tickets cost only 1.50€ and the journey takes approximately 30 minutes.

How do you fly to Lake Garda?

Just half an hour from the south-east corner of Lake Garda, Verona is by far the most popular arrival point for travellers to Lake Garda. The city is home to two airports – Valerio Catullo (VRN) airport, also known as Verona Villafranca, and Verona Brescia (VBS) airport.

Is Lake Como near Amalfi Coast?

Lake Como and Cinque Terre are in the Northern part of Italy. The Amalfi Coast is towards the South. Lake Como is accessible via a 45min train ride from Milan, but be prepared to take a bus, train, ferry, or taxi/car to get to your specific town on the lake and this could add another hour or two to your travel time.

Which is the most beautiful lake in Italy?

10 most beautiful lakes in Italy

  1. Lake Garda – Italy. Lake Garda the largest lake in Italy.
  2. Lake Como – Italy. Northern Italy’s Lake Como, is one of the deepest in Europe at 400 meters (1,300 feet).
  3. Lake Iseo.
  4. Lake Maggiore – Italy.
  5. Lake Ledro.
  6. Lake Bolsena.
  7. Lake Orta.

Is Lake Garda cheaper than Lake Como?

Lake Como is a little more elegant and expensive than Lake Garda. While accommodation and meals at either lake is pricey, particularly in the high season, Lake Como also tends to be a little bit more expensive, too.