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What is the closest New Jersey beach to Pennsylvania?

What is the closest New Jersey beach to Pennsylvania?

Cape May, at the southern tip of New Jersey, is about 80 miles from Pennsylvania’s southern border with Delaware. The town, noted for its historic downtown filled with Victorian mansions, has numerous beaches, including the remote Higbee Wildlife Management Area and The Cove, a favorite spot with surfers.

Are the Pocono Mountains in New Jersey?

The Pocono Mountains, commonly referred to as the Poconos /ˈpoʊkəˌnoʊz/, are a geographical, geological, and cultural region in Northeastern Pennsylvania, United States.

Does Poconos have a beach?

Poconos Beaches A beach day in the Pocono Mountains means sand beneath your feet, water before you, and green slopes rising all around. Enjoy a swim and some lakeside or riverside relaxation at the locations below. Bring a picnic and pool towels and don’t forget the sunscreen!

What is the closest beach to Philadelphia?

Brigantine Beach
The first stop on our list is Brigantine Beach. Just a little over an hour outside of Center City, Brigantine is the closest beach to Philadelphia. Small in size, this beach is the perfect spot for a quick day trip from Philly.

What beach is close to PA?

15 Best Beaches Near Philadelphia, PA — Closest Lake & Ocean Beach Spots

  1. Ocean City Beach — Ocean City. Ocean City Beach.
  2. Avalon Beach — Avalon.
  3. Wildwood Beach — Wildwood.
  4. Brigantine Beach — Brigantine.
  5. Dewey Beach — Dewey Beach.
  6. Sea Isle City Beach — Sea Isle City.
  7. Cape May Beach — Cape May.
  8. Asbury Park Beach — Asbury Park.

How far is Scranton PA from the beach?

There are 117.13 miles from Scranton to Ocean in southeast direction and 145 miles (233.35 kilometers) by car, following the I-80 route. Scranton and Ocean are 2 hours 34 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop .

Where are the Pocono Mountains in PA?

Pocono Mountains, also called Poconos, highland region in Wayne, Pike, Monroe, and eastern Carbon counties of northeastern Pennsylvania, U.S. The Poconos are bounded on the west by the Lehigh River; on the northwest by river valleys containing the cities of Scranton and Wilkes-Barre; and on the east by the Delaware …

Where are the endless mountains?

Northeastern Pennsylvania
The Endless Mountains are a geographical, geological, and cultural region in Northeastern Pennsylvania, United States. The Endless Mountains region includes Bradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna, and Wyoming counties. The highest peak in the region is the North Knob of Elk Mountain at 2693 feet (821 meters).

What is the best area of the Poconos?

#1 Stroudsburg – Best Place to Stay in the Poconos for your First Time. Stroudsburg has some great hikes to explore. Stroudsburg (and neighbouring East Stroudsburg) is the main gateway to the Poconos for visitors arriving from the East Coast. This makes it a vibrant area that is full of life throughout the year.

Where is the best place to live in the Poconos?

Where to live in the Poconos:

  • Pinecrest Lake and Country Club.
  • There are some second runner ups to this category. …
  • Good, Great location in the geographic center of the Poconos region.
  • The Bad: some older stock of housing with many, at this point, needing renovation.
  • The Ugly: the cost, the cost, the cost.

What beaches are closest to Pennsylvania?

Which ocean is closest to PA?

Towns all down the Jersey coast swell with “shoobies,” a South Jersey term for tourists from Philadelphia and eastern Pennsylvania, looking for cool breezes, boardwalks and 127 miles of Atlantic Ocean beaches.