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What is the meaning of Namasudra?

What is the meaning of Namasudra?

Namasudra, also known as Namassej or Namassut, is an avarna community originating from southern and central Bengal. The community was earlier known as Chandala or Chandal, a term usually considered as a slur. They were traditionally engaged in cultivation and as boatmen.

Which caste is Mahishya?

Mahishya, also spelled Mahisya, is a Bengali Hindu traditional agrarian caste and formed the largest caste in undivided Bengal. The Mahisyas today are regarded as the single most important ‘middle-caste’ group and a dominant caste in southern districts of West Bengal. Mahishyas are considered as General Caste.

Is Basak a Brahmin?

Basak (Bosak) is a Hindu Bengali surname [1] in the Bengal region, Bihar, Jharkhand and Assam. In West Bengal and Assam this surname is written as basak while in some districts of Bihar as basak or bosak. In Bengali and Assam they usually belong to caste Kshatriya and Vaishya, Tantubais, Karmakars, Bania (Bonia).

Where is Namashudra Samity located?

The two most important communities which dominated Scheduled Caste politics in colonial Bengal were the Namasudras and the Rajbansis. The Namasudras, earlier known as the Chandals of Bengal, lived mainly in the eastern districts of Dacca, Bakarganj, Faridpur, Mymensingh, Jessore and Khulna.

How many Namasudra are there in West Bengal?

Population: Size & Distribution 2. The Rajbanshi and Namasudra having more than 32 lakhs population each constitute 35.8 per cent of the total SC population of the state.

Why is harichand Thakur famous?

Harichand Thakur (11 March 1812 – 5 March 1878), worked among the untouchable people of Bengal Presidency. He formed the Matua sect of Hindus….

Harichand Thakur
Died 5 March 1878 (aged 65)
Nationality Indian
Occupation Social and religious reformer
Known for Upliftment of the Dalits

Which caste is Rudra?

Brahman caste,general category.

Are Vaidyas Brahmins?

Baidya or Vaidya is a Hindu community of Bengal. A caste/jāti of Ayurvedic physicians, Baidyas have long occupied a place of pre-eminence in society alongside Brahmins and Kayasthas.

Who are Dutt caste?

According to Indian historian Tej Ram Sharma, in Bengal the surname Dutta/Datta (দত্ত) is used by Kayastha caste. The office of Kayastha (scribe) was instituted before the Gupta period (c. 320 to 550 CE). Originally, Kayastha was composed of people from different Varnas, including Brahmins and Kshatriyas.

Who are Matuas in Bengal?

Matua Mahasangha is a religious reformation movement that originated, around 1860 AD, in what is today Bangladesh, with a considerable number of adherents both in Bangladesh and in West Bengal in India. Matua is a sect of depressed class Hindus who are Namasudras, a Scheduled Caste group.

Which caste is Koley?

Mahishyas, a Hindu caste, are one of the predominant castes in West Bengal especially in the southern districts of Howrah, Bankura, Paschim Medinipur, Purba Medinipur and South 24 Parganas. Some of the common Hindu mahisya family names include Das, Koley, Mitter, Samanta, pradhan, Singha, Barman, Dutta and many others.