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What is the official Jagex email?

What is the official Jagex email?
Here’s a list of official Jagex emails:

How do I report a RuneScape account?

If you feel that someone is violating one of the Rules of RuneScape, you can report the offending player using the “Report Abuse” button below the chatbox on the lower-right hand side.

Is RuneScape scamming illegal?

Scamming is the act of stealing money, items or accounts from another player through deception or trickery. It is strictly against the Rules of RuneScape and can be punishable by a mute or ban.

How do I contact Jagex about a banned account?

Logged in and found your account has been banned? You can appeal the ban! You can do this here: *Please make sure to read the entire page before appealing your ban. Not able to login due to an account Ban?

How do you actually contact Jagex?

How do I email Jagex RuneScape? Email’s we’ll contact you from:

How do I contact RuneScape by email?

Email’s we’ll contact you from:

Does Jagex return scammed items?

Please be aware that we’re unable to return items if: You were hijacked. We encourage you to utilise security features to prevent third party access. You were scammed.

How much is a maxed RuneScape account?

Maxed accounts tend to have a very high ‘worth’ based on the account value calculator – often reaching over $100!

Is there anyway to contact Jagex?

If you require support with a payment, account or technical issue, please head to our Support Centre. To ensure the right team deals with your query quickly, we can only respond when a request is made via the Support Centre.

Can you email jagex support?

Email’s we’ll contact you from:

How do I contact jagex about being hacked?

If you got hijacked, please secure your computer and account by following the steps on this page, here:… and if you got information about the hijacker, send to “[email protected]”.

How do I contact Jagex about being hacked?