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What is the purpose of the International Reading Association?

What is the purpose of the International Reading Association?

The International Reading Association (IRA) is a nonprofit professional organization that seeks to promote high levels of literacy by improving the quality of reading instruction.

What is the role of the reading literacy specialist in accomplishing the literacy vision in elementary or secondary schools?

The reading specialist supports, supplements and extends classroom teaching, and works collaboratively to implement a quality reading program that is research-based and meets the needs of students.

What do reading specialists do results from a national survey?

The four major roles of reading specialists are instruction, assessment, serving as a resource, and administration.

What professional disposition do you value most in the role of reading literacy specialist?

The most highly respected literacy coaches keep a tentative stance, always open to new learning, new ideas, and different perspectives from their own. They develop deep theoretical knowledge, but are not rigid in their thinking.

What is the difference between International Literacy Association and the International Reading Association?

The International Literacy Association (ILA), formerly the International Reading Association (IRA), is an international global advocacy and member professional organization that was created in 1956 to improve reading instruction, facilitate dialogue about research on reading, and encourage the habit of reading.

When did the International Reading Association become the International Literacy Association?

At the October 2013 Board meeting of the International Reading Association (IRA), the Board of Directors of IRA voted to change the name of the organization to the International Literacy Association (ILA) and to re-incorporate in Delaware. A temporary board for the ILA was elected, and the process was begun.

Are reading specialists in demand?

For this reason, reading specialists are in demand in the job market overall. Not only are reading and literacy specialists in demand, but this career is a good springboard from which to move into administrative positions or curriculum development for an entire school system or district.

Is being a reading specialist a good job?

Reading specialists have a decent salary potential that provides good benefits. Job prospects are favorable across several different educational settings. Reading specialists have the intrinsic reward of helping struggling readers improve their language skills.

What is the difference between a reading specialist and a literacy coach?

However, reading specialists more often work with students directly and provide more support to curriculum development and implementation, whereas literacy coaches focus much more of their attention on improving student achievement by working directly with teachers.

What do reading specialist do?

Reading specialists are teachers with special training on how to teach reading. They may work with struggling readers one-on-one or in small groups. They also determine which kids need help with reading.

What makes a good reading specialist?

These teachers are willing to read books, take classes, organize study groups and learn new and innovative technologies. They are also open to learning new things even if they go against the way they were taught or practices that have been accepted on the basis of tradition rather than evidence.

Where is the International Reading Association?

The organization, whose headquarters are in Newark, Delaware, United States, has a network of more than 300,000 literacy educators, researchers, and experts members across 128 countries, and more than 1,250 councils and affiliates worldwide.