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What is the size of Preity Zinta?

What is the size of Preity Zinta?

5′ 4″
Preity Zinta/Height

Is Preity Zinta a child?

Preity Zinta Height, Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Family, Biography & More

Full Name Preity G Zinta
Husband Gene Goodenough
Marriage Date 28 February, 2016
Children None

Is Preity Zinta a Brahmin?

She belongs to a middle-class Hindu Vishwakarma family. Her father Durganand Zinta, was an officer in the Indian Army who was died in a road accident when she was just 13 years old.

What is Preity Zinta real name?

Preetam Singh Zinta
New Delhi: Actress Preity Zinta came across a piece of “fake news” that her name was “Preetam Singh Zinta” and she changed it to Preity Zinta when she started working in films.

What is Deepika Padukone height?

5′ 9″
Deepika Padukone/Height

What is Preity Zinta age?

46 years (January 31, 1975)
Preity Zinta/Age

Who is Preity Zinta’s husband?

Gene Goodenoughm. 2016
Preity Zinta/Husband

Preity Zinta and her husband Gene Goodenough have a big happy family. On Friday, the actress posted an adorable family photo with her in-laws and shared why they all always look happy together in photos. Preity Zinta married Gene Goodenough on February 29, 2016 and then moved to Los Angeles.

How old is Sonali Bendre?

46 years (January 1, 1975)
Sonali Bendre/Age

How many inches is a 34 bra size?

International size guide and body measurements

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Who is Kriti Sanon husband?

Kriti Sanon reveals how Varun Dhawan has changed after marriage to Natasha Dalal. Actor Kriti Sanon, who is working again with Varun Dhawan in upcoming movie Bhediya, has spoken about how he has changed since his wedding to Natasha Dalal.