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What is the theme of Mystic River?

What is the theme of Mystic River?

A primary theme of Mystic River is the power the past can have over people’s lives. While the friendship between Sean, Dave, and Jimmy is not particularly deep, Dave’s kidnapping and molestation tie them together for life.

What happened to Dave as a kid in Mystic River?

different than most kids. In 1975, when he was playing hockey with his friends Jimmy and Sean, Dave was tricked and kidnapped by two child molesters. They held him in captivity in the woods and raped him for four days. Dave escaped, but he never truly returned to society.

Is Mystic River based on a true story?

No, ‘Mystic River’ is not based on a true story. It is adapted from the fiction novel of the same name penned by Dennis Lehane. The Boston-based writer is no stranger to the big screen, and his novels such as ‘Gone, Baby, Gone’ and ‘Shutter Island’ have also been turned into critically acclaimed feature films.

What is the plot of the movie Mystic River?

When the daughter (Emmy Rossum) of ex-con Jimmy Marcus (Sean Penn) is murdered, two of his childhood friends from the neighborhood are involved. Dave (Tim Robbins), a blue-collar worker, was the last person to see her alive, while Sean (Kevin Bacon), a homicide detective, is heading up the case. As Sean proceeds with his investigation, Jimmy conducts one of his own through neighborhood contacts. Eventually, Jimmy suspects Dave is the culprit and considers taking the law into his own hands.
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Why did Sean’s wife leave him in Mystic River?

From what I recall, she was pregnant from Sean, but for some reason that I don’t recall, she left him for another man with whom she didn’t cheat on Sean. Sean asked for a paternity test. It seems to me that these call are her way to give Sean a chance to make amends.

Who is Ray in Mystic River?

Spencer Treat Clark
Spencer Treat Clark as Ray “Silent Ray” Harris Jr.

How did Dave Escape Mystic River?

Mystic River Plot Synopsis It is later found out that the kid, Dave, was abducted and abused by the two men and was able to escape after being held captive in a cellar for 4 days.

Who were the kids in Mystic River?

Three Irish-American boys, Jimmy Markum, Sean Devine, and Dave Boyle, are playing hockey in a Boston street in 1975, when Dave is kidnapped by two men and sexually abused for four days before managing to escape.

Who killed girl in Mystic River?

Katie is murdered by Brendan’s brother, and when Brendan finds out about it and his brother is charged, it is a kind of death for Brendan, too. “Say you love me!” Brendan screams at his mute brother, beating him and his friend John for killing Katie.

Who kills the girl in Mystic River?

Who is Sean talking to on the phone in Mystic River?

In Mystic River, Sean has a wife called Lauren. She calls him from time to time but she says nothing while he is always saying something–even it being something related to his day-by-day routines.

Why is Mystic River called Mystic River?

The name Mystic is derived from the Pequot term “missi-tuk”, describing a large river whose waters are driven into waves by tides or wind, according to the Mystic River Historical Society.