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What is the theme of the melting pot by Anna Quindlen?

What is the theme of the melting pot by Anna Quindlen?

Anna Quindlen’s essay, “Melting Pot,” describes a city neighborhood that is full of immigrants from all different countries and that is constantly changing as new arrivals appear. Perhaps you live in or have seen neighborhoods in a large city on television or in a movie.

How is Quindlen both one of them and one of us?

How is Quindlen both “one of them” and “one of us”? She is one of them – an interloper- because she is one of the young professionals who has moved into a neighborhood and changed its character; she one of us – the old-timers, because she is of immigrant Italian descent.

On what do the elderly men lay bets?

The men laid bets on how long the panes, and the restaurant, would last. “You`re not one of them,” one of the men explained.

What experiences do most of the residents share in the melting pot?

Terms in this set (11) What experience do most of the residents share? They have seen lots of changes in their neighborhood. How is Anna Quindlen both “one of them” and “one of us”?

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How does Quindlen feel about her neighbors what does Quindlen’s choice of neighborhood reveal about what she finds important?

She considers the idea of being accepted in a multicultural community: how people regard their neighbors as “us” or “them,” and how they may hold broad prejudices against some ethnic groups as a whole but relax the prejudices as they get to know individual members of those groups.

Why are the old timers in Melting Pot angry with the new professionals?

They think they are taking over their town. Why are old-timers in melting pot angry with the new professionals? The old-timers do not really accept them. How did the narrator of melting pot feel when the family of rough types moved away?

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