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What is the wing inspection team?

What is the wing inspection team?

At permanent duty stations across the globe, Airmen and their units are inspected and evaluated by a team of selected individuals during inspections and exercises. These evaluators are known as the wing inspection team. The WIT program is run by the wing Inspector General’s office and governed by AFI 90-201.

What is a UEI inspection?

The UEI cycle validates and verifies the CCIP for accuracy, adequacy, and relevance. It also provides an independent assessment of the four MGAs. The UEI is an ongoing inspection that occurs every four years.

What is a vertical inspection?

“A vertical inspection is a unit inspection, where we validate and verify a unit’s compliance with the four major graded areas.” These four major graded areas include executing the mission, improving the unit, leading the people and managing resources.

What is commander’s inspection program?

The Commander’s Inspection Program, led by the Wing IG, validates and verifies the Self-Assessment Program is accurate and relevant. The IG conducts inspections on behalf of the Wing Commander, focusing on detecting non-compliance and measuring effectiveness and the value of compliance against the mission.

What is wit in USAF?

The Air Force Inspection System, which includes the WIT, is a new construct that aims to meet the Secretary of the Air Force and Chief of Staff of the Air Force’s vision for a comprehensive system of inspections. The SECAF and CSAF view inspections as a means to improve units throughout the Air Force.

What is Air Force MICT?

MICT is a “new computer-based inspection program . . . [being] billed as an all-in-one inspec- tion tracking and analysis toolset. The program is web-based, real-time, and allows individual units and program managers to assess their programs and up-channel their internal inspection results” (Curry, 2009).

What is a Air Force UEI?

Unit Effectiveness Inspection (UEI)

What does MICT stand for in the Air Force?

Management Internal Control toolset
many Air Force individuals about what they would want from a new standardized wing-level information management system like MICT. Page 7. Introduing the Management Internal Control toolset (MICt) 83.

What is a MICT?

The Mobile Intensive Care Technician (MICT) which is also known as the Paramedic (EMT-P). Certification as an EMT is a prerequisite to the MICT program. The MICT is prepared to perform advanced life support functions in the pre-hospital emergency setting under the direction of a medical doctor.

What is a Sav inspection?

The US Army Staff Assistance Visit (SAV) Checklist is used to organize periodic inspections according to the policies and responsibilities outlined by the US Army.

What is CCIP USAF?

This booklet regarding the Commander’s Inspection Program (CCIP) is written by SAF/IGI and designed to assist Wing/FOA/DRU Commanders and their IGs as they implement a new Air Force Inspection System (AFIS) and develop their own Commander’s Inspection Program (CCIP).

What does Sav inspection stand for in the Air Force?

staff assistance visit
— A staff assistance visit is a great way to get a check-up for your shop and help ensure you are on the right track. During a SAV, an outside agency, such as your functional manager from higher headquarters, comes and reviews your programs and processes.