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What is this word aggravating?

What is this word aggravating?

: arousing displeasure, impatience, or anger an aggravating habit. Synonyms Common Uses of Aggravate, Aggravation, and Aggravating: Usage Guide More Example Sentences Learn More About aggravating.

Is re aggravated a word?

verb. To make (a problem, injury, etc.) worse or more serious once again; to aggravate a second or further time.

What is the synonym of aggravation?

aggravate. exacerbate. heighten. provoke. rub salt in the wound.

What is the antonym for aggravated?

What is the opposite of aggravated?

buoyed appeased
placated reassured
relieved satisfied
assuaged calmed
comforted encouraged

Is aggravated an adjective?

1[not usually before noun] (informal) slightly angry; annoyed I get so aggravated when he does that!

Is aggravating a verb or adjective?

verb (used with object), ag·gra·vat·ed, ag·gra·vat·ing. to make worse or more severe; intensify, as anything evil, disorderly, or troublesome: to aggravate a grievance; to aggravate an illness.

Is aggravate a transitive verb?

Definition of aggravate. transitive verb. 1: to make worse, more serious, or more severe : to intensify unpleasantly problems have been aggravated by neglect.

What is aggravated form?

Aggravated form of Robbery The following are the punishment for “voluntarily causing hurt in committing robbery, robbery with an attempt to cause death or grievous hurt” and “attempt to commit robbery when armed with deadly weapon” under the Indian Penal Code.

What’s another word for getting worse?

What is another word for get worse?

deteriorate decline
worsen degenerate
wane degrade
fail weaken
depreciate fade

What is the best synonym for aggravated?


  • annoyed,
  • bothered,
  • exasperated,
  • galled,
  • irked,
  • irritated,
  • narked.
  • [British],

How do you say made worse?

made worse

  1. add insult to injury.
  2. aggravate.
  3. exacerbate.
  4. fan the flames.
  5. intensify.
  6. irritate.
  7. rub salt into the wound.
  8. worsen.

What is aggravated assault?

Aggravated assault is a felony that may involve an assault committed with a weapon or with the intent to commit a serious crime, such as rape. The attacker is guilty of aggravated assault because the circumstances indicate that he assaulted Alyssa with the intent of raping her.