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What memory does Jonas receive in Chapter 13?

What memory does Jonas receive in Chapter 13?

One day soon after, The Giver gives Jonas a memory of an elephant killed by poachers, with its tusks cut off and red blood flowing from its wounds. Later, Jonas tries to explain to Lily that her stuffed elephant resembles a real animal that once existed.

What memory does Jonas receive in Chapter 14?

At the beginning of chapter 14 in Lois Lowry’s The Giver, Jonas is sitting on a sled. He has received a memory of sledding before, but the hill in this memory seems steeper, and ”the snow beneath the sled was not thick and soft as it had been before, but hard, and coated with bluish ice.

What memory does Jonas receive in Chapter 15?

When Jonas shows up at The Giver’s room, the old man is crumpled in pain. Jonas readies to leave, but The Giver begs him to take some of the pain, which he willingly does. This time, Jonas receives the memory of a body-strewn battlefield.

What memory does Jonas receive in Chapter 12?

Jonas receives a memory of sunshine that is as pleasurable as the sled-riding memory. Confused, Jonas questions The Giver about the pain that he’d been told he would have to endure.

What horrible memory did The Giver give to Jonas in Chapter 13?

In Chapter 13, The Giver transmits a painful memory of an elephant hunt to Jonas, during which an elephant is shot and killed for its tusks.

What is Jonas third memory?

He does not want to give Jonas a memory of pain, but he gives him a sunburn. Jonas thanks him for the experience. He explains that Jonas has the memory now. He then gives him the memory of a rainbow.

What memory does Jonas receive in Chapter 16?

One day, The Giver transmits his own favorite memory, a memory of love and happiness, to Jonas. In the memory, Jonas is inside a house, and it is snowing outside. A fire is burning in a fireplace, creating a cozy atmosphere, and colored lights decorate a Christmas tree.

What does Jonas learn from the memory of warfare?

The memory of war contributes to Jonas’s wisdom, and he learns that before Sameness, humans participated in bloody, awful conflicts. Jonas gains an understanding of the importance of stability and structure after experiencing the terrible memory.

What is Jonas second memory?

The second memory the Giver transmits to Jonas is the memory of sunshine, which is warm and soothing. Before their session ends, the Giver also transmits the painful memory of sunburn.

What memories does Jonas receive in Chapter 11?

What memory does Jonas give away in Chapter 14 and why?

The Giver gives Jonas a memory of falling from the sled, breaking his leg and scraping his face on ice. In agony, Jonas begs for medicine to relieve the pain.

What memory does Jonas accidentally give to Gabriel while patting his back?

When Gabriel wakes up crying, Jonas pats his back while remembering a wonderful sail on a lake transmitted to him by the Giver. He realizes that he is unwittingly transmitting the memory to Gabriel and stops himself. Later, he transmits the whole memory and Gabriel stops crying and sleeps.