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What number did Hines Ward wear in college?

What number did Hines Ward wear in college?

Rushing & Receiving

Year School Att
1996 Georgia 27
1997 Georgia 30
Career Georgia 204

What year did Hines Ward play at UGA?

1998Pittsburgh Steelers
Hines Ward/Dates joined
A teammate of Georgia coach Kirby Smart while with the Bulldogs from 1994-1998, Ward was best known as an All-SEC receiver. But Ward also was a capable quarterback and setting UGA bowl records with a 31-of-59 passing performance for 469 yards in a 34-27 loss to Virginia in the 1995 Peach Bowl.

What position did Hines Ward play at UGA?

Wide receiver
Hines Ward/Position
Wide receiver was his primary position for the next two seasons, racking up 900 yards and four touchdowns on 52 catches in 1996 and 715 yards and six touchdowns on 55 catches in 1997. In his UGA career, Ward completed 72 of 120 passes for 918 yards, three touchdowns, and three interceptions.

Did Hines Ward play QB at Georgia?

There may not be a more overlooked season and performance from a two-way player than Hines Ward in the 1995 Peach Bowl between the SEC’s Georgia Bulldogs and ACC’s Virginia Cavaliers. In fact, he set records as the Bulldogs quarterback that day.

Did Hines Ward ever wear number 15?

Ward had worn No. 15 for the Steelers during the 1998 preseason. 15 during his rookie 1997 preseason before ultimately getting No. 86 after tight end John Farquhar was released.

What high school did Hines Ward attend?

Forest Park High School
University of Georgia
Hines Ward/Education

How old is Hines Wards wife?

There are about 15 years between Hines Ward and his wife Lindsey. Hines Ward was born in Seoul, South Korea, on 8 March 1976. This makes him currently 45 years old. The couple married in 2014, when Hines would have been about 38 years old and Lindsey would have been around 23 or 24.

Where is Hines Ward today?

Former Pittsburgh Steelers and Georgia wide receiver Hines Ward is set to join Florida Atlantic’s coaching staff, sources told ESPN. Ward, a four-time Pro Bowl selection and two-time Super Bowl champion with the Steelers, entered coaching with the New York Jets in 2019 and remained there in 2020.

Is Hines Ward still married?

How many rings does Hines Ward have?

Hines Ward won 2 championships in his career.

Hines Ward 217 2

How old is Jerome Bettis?

49 years (February 16, 1972)
Jerome Bettis/Age

What college did Hines Ward go to?

University of Georgia
Hines Ward/College