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What organisms are multicellular eukaryotic and autotrophic?

What organisms are multicellular eukaryotic and autotrophic?

All plants are multicellular organisms made of Eukaryotic cells that have a cell wall. They get food through photosynthesis so they are autotrophs.

Which kingdoms have organisms that are eukaryotic heterotrophic and multicellular?

-Kingdom Animalia is the kingdom that has organisms which are eukaryotic, multicellular, heterotrophic, can reproduce sexually or asexually, and have no cell wall. -General characteristics of the Kingdom Animalia includes; Animals are eukaryotic, multicellular and heterotrophic organisms.

What kingdom is eukaryotic multicellular?

animalia kingdom
Organisms in the animalia kingdom are multicellular and don’t have cell walls or photosynthetic pigments. The animalia kingdom contains more than 1,000,000 species, according to Palomar College. All organisms in the animalia kingdom has some type of skeletal support and have specialized cells.

Which kingdoms have organisms that are multicellular?

Multicellular organisms fall within three of these kingdoms: plants, animals and fungi.

Which kingdom’s include organisms that are autotrophic or heterotrophic quizlet?

The Protist Kingdom consists of mostly unicellular organisms that can have characteristics similar to plants, animals or fungi. Characteristics of Protists: mostly unicellular, few multicellular, eukaryotic, can be heterotrophic or autotrophic. Ex: algae, Paramecium, kelp (multicellular).

What kingdoms are multicellular autotrophs?

Kingdom Plantae
Kingdom Plantae includes multicellular, autotrophic organisms.

Can eukaryotes be autotrophs?

Eukaryotic autotrophs such as plants and algae have chloroplasts to carry out photosynthesis.

What kingdom includes organisms that are autotrophs and mostly multicellular?

Which eukaryotic kingdoms contain autotrophic organisms?

Kingdom Plantae includes multicellular, autotrophic organisms.

What kingdoms are autotrophic or heterotrophic?


Kingdom Number of Cells How they gain their energy?
Protoctista Mainly Unicellular Some Heterotrophic, Some Autotrophic
Fungi Multicellular Heterotrophic
Plantae Multicellular Autotrophic
Animalia Multicellular Heterotrophic

Is multicellular eukaryotic autotrophic?

multicellular eukaryotes. All plants are autotrophs and get energy from photosynthesis. They provide energy to the things above them on the food chain. All animals are multicellular eukaryotes.

Which kingdoms have autotrophic organisms?