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What page is Surah Al Saff?

What page is Surah Al Saff?

Battle Array (Arabic: الصف‎, aṣ-Ṣaff, aka “The Ranks”) is the 61st chapter (sūrah) of the Quran, with 14 verses (āyāt). This sura is an Al-Musabbihat sura because it begins with the glorification of Allah.

Where was Surah revealed?

Chapter 96 is traditionally believed to have been Muhammad’s first revelation. While on retreat in the Cave of Hira, located at Mountain Jabal al-Nour near Mecca, Gabriel appears before Muhammad and commands him to “Read!”.

Where was the first and last Surah revealed?

This revelation began with the first five verses of Surah “al-Alaq” these verses were revealed to the prophet (peace be upon him), while he was on a spiritual retreat in the cave of Hirah, near Makkah; According to the views of some scholars the first complete Surah to be revealed was “Surahul – Fatlha” and the Last …

What was the first full Surah to be revealed?

Most narrators recorded that al-Fātiḥah was the first complete Surah revealed to Muhammad.

When did Muhammad take mecca?

The conquest of Mecca (Arabic: فتح مكة‎ fatḥ makkah) was the capture of the town of Mecca by Muslims led by the Islamic prophet Muhammad in December 629 or January 630 AD (Julian), 10–20 Ramadan, 8 AH….Conquest of Mecca.

Date December 629 or January 630
Result Muslim victory End of Muslim–Quraysh Wars

When was the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah made?

January 628
It was a pivotal treaty between Muhammad, representing the state of Medina, and the Qurayshi tribe of Mecca in January 628 (corresponding to Dhu al-Qi’dah, AH 6).

Which surah was revealed twice in the Quran?

Al-Maʻārij (Arabic: المعارج‎, “The Ascending Stairways”) is the seventieth chapter (sūrah) of the Qur’an, with 44 verses (āyāt). The Surah takes its name from the word dhil Ma’arij in the third ayah. The word appears twice in the Quran. Abdullah Yusuf Ali, an Indian Islamic scholar, introduces the surah as “…

What two surahs were revealed?

Al-Mu’awwidhatan (Arabic: المعوذتان), sometimes translated as “Verses of Refuge”, is an Arabic term referring to the last two suras (chapters) of the Qur’an, viz. al-Falaq (ch. 113), and An-Nās (ch. 114), which are two consecutive short prayers both beginning with the verse “Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of…”.

Which is the first surah revealed in Madinah?

Surah al- Alaq is the first surah, Surah Al-Araf is the 39th surah, Surah al-Isra is the 50th surah, Surah Yunus is sura 51, and Surah ar- Rahman is surah surah 89. While two other t con in Madinah, namely the surah al-Baqarah and Ali Imran.

What is the second Surah revealed?

Although there is some debate amongst scholars, this sura is often considered to be the second revealed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. After the first sura was received, al-Alaq, there was a period of silence in which no further messages were revealed….Ad-Dhuha.

الضحى Aḍ-Ḍuḥā The Morning Hours
No. of letters 165
Quran 94 →

Which Surah was revealed twice in the Quran?

Who ruled Mecca in Muhammad’s time?

Mecca’s most important pagan deity was Hubal, which had been placed there by the ruling Quraish tribe. and remained until the Conquest of Mecca by Muhammad. In the 5th century, the Quraish took control of Mecca, and became skilled merchants and traders.