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What percentage of NFL players have a degree?

What percentage of NFL players have a degree?

While the NFL is known for developing players’ football IQs, the league has also seen an unprecedented number of players who graduate from college. The NFL’s 46 percent graduation rate tops the rest of the world when it comes to earning diplomas, and the league is perfect when it comes to high school graduation.

Who is the most educated NFL player?

The 4 Most Educated NFL Football Players

  • Pat Haden. Pat Haden is the best-known athlete on this list for some fans and the one that has serious success in education.
  • Frank Ryan. He was drafted by Los Angeles Rams in 1958.
  • Charley Johnson.
  • Alan Page.
  • Conclusion.

How hard is it to become a NFL player?

According to, 6.5 percent of high school football players go on to play football in college. Of those players, 1.2 percent are drafted to the NFL. Compared to other professional sports, the odds of making it to the NFL are relatively low.

Do all NFL players go to college?

Currently, half of NFL players have college degrees, which is a much better ratio than other major sports leagues. The NFL has no minor-league system and recruits directly out of college. This means that many football players finish their degrees before being drafted to play for a team.

Do any NFL players have a PhD?

This is a list of athletes with advanced degrees (PhDs and other degrees at that academic level)….List of athletes with advanced degrees.

Athlete Frank Ryan
Degree PhD
Field Mathematics
Institution Rice University
Known for National Football League quarterback

How many black NFL players have college degrees?

This study also shows that 33% of the league’s black players completed degrees. Nearly 50% of white players graduated.

What was Aaron Rodgers GPA?

It has been 10 years since Aaron signed his letter of intent to Butte Community College because he was not heavily recruited out of high school — even with his 3.6 GPA and 1300 SAT score.

Can anyone try out for the NFL?

Anyone is allowed to enter the NFL draft, as long as they have graduated high school. If you don’t play in college, continue training hard and consider becoming a walk-on.