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What size pier do I need?

What size pier do I need?

To determine the load of a deck pier, you must take half the length of the joist span multiplied by half the length of the beam span (measured from pier to pier). This number is then multiplied by 50, which is the 40 psf live load, 10 psf dead load mentioned earlier.

What size should deck support posts be?

Deck posts are usually 4 feet x 4 inches, 6 feet x 6 inches or 8 feet x 8 inches as determined to be appropriate for the expected load.

How far apart do piers need to be for a deck?

For most situations, you will want to place footings and posts less than 8′ apart. If you are planning on installing a hot tub or porch on top of your deck, you will usually need more footings and posts to support the additional loads. Decks with a lot of angles may also require additional footings.

How do you measure a deck pier?

For sizing pier diameters for small foundations, the rule of thumb is “1 inch per foot of span.” Thus, a deck that spans 8 ft. will stand comfortably on 8-in. -diameter piers, while a deck that spans 10 ft. requires 10-in. -diameter piers.

How do I know what size sonotube to get?

The rule-of-thumb is to use a tube diameter 3 times the post width, therefore use a 12” diameter Sonotube for a 4×4” post.

Should I use 4×4 or 4×6 deck posts?

While there may be a handful of circumstances that only require the minimum 4×4 deck post, you will more than likely want to choose a 6×6 post for the deck. It provides more stability for larger decks, the ability to hold a heavier load, and more room for notching.

Can I use 4×4 for deck posts?

Deck posts must be a minimum of 4×4 according to the IRC but many jurisdictions require a 6×6 post as a standard. To avoid code violations, many deck builders choose the 6×6 even if the 4×4 is acceptable.

How many posts do I need for a 10×10 deck?

4 posts
A freestanding 10′ x10′ deck needs 4 posts, supporting two pairs of 2-ply non-incised 2×8 beam, upgrading the beam to 3-ply using incised wood.

How big is a pier?

Pier diameter. My rule of thumb for pier diameter is “1 inch per foot of span.” Thus, a deck that spans 8 feet will stand comfortably on 8-inch-diameter piers, while a deck that spans 10 feet requires 10-inch-diameter piers.

How many bags of concrete are in a 10 inch sonotube?

Concrete Mixes

# of bags required per: 25 kg 25 kg
8″ x 4′ tube 3.2 6.5
10″ x 4′ tube 5.1 10.1
12″ x 4′ tube 7.3 14.6

Do I need rebar in sonotube?

To support a beam for a residential deck, does a Sonotube pier need any rebar? A. We usually recommend that a minimum of two pieces of #4 rebar be placed vertically in an 8-inch-diameter concrete pier supporting a structure. A larger-diameter pier should have four or more pieces of vertical rebar.