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What subject did Stravinsky study in school prior to switching to music at 19?

What subject did Stravinsky study in school prior to switching to music at 19?

Petersburg, on June 17, 1882. The son of a famous bass singer at the Imperial Opera, Feodor Stravinsky, he was raised in an artistic atmosphere. He studied law until age nineteen, when Rimsky-Korsakov in Heidelberg encouraged him to study composition seriously and he studied theory with Kalafati.

Where did Igor Stravinsky go to school?

Saint Petersburg State University
Vtoraya Sankt-Peterburgskaya Gimnaziya
Igor Stravinsky/Education

How did Igor Stravinsky learn to play piano?

Stravinsky spent his youth in nearby St. From his earliest years, Stravinsky appreciated music and he began piano lessons at age nine. He also regularly attended performances at the famous Imperial Mariinsky Theater where his father often performed.

How is Igor Stravinsky?

Igor Stravinsky was always in mediocre health—he suffered from tuberculosis in the 1930s and a stroke in 1956—but he continued full-scale creative work until 1966. He died from heart failure in New York City in 1971. He was 88 years old.

What did Igor Stravinsky?

Igor Stravinsky was a Russian-born composer whose work revolutionized musical thought and sensibility in the 20th century.

Who did Igor Stravinsky study with?

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Aside from a very few surviving earlier works, Stravinsky’s Russian period begins with compositions undertaken under the tutelage of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, with whom he studied from 1905 until Rimsky’s death in 1908, including the orchestral works: Symphony in E-flat major (1907), Faun and Shepherdess (for mezzo- …

When did Igor Stravinsky go to the University?

Stravinsky enrolled at the University of Saint Petersburg in 1901, but he attended fewer than fifty class sessions during his four years of study.

What kind of music did Igor Stravinsky play?

The works from this period tended to make use of traditional musical forms (concerto grosso, fugue and symphony). They often paid tribute to the music of earlier masters, such as J.S. Bach and Tchaikovsky. In the 1950s, Stravinsky adopted serial procedures.

What did Rimsky Korsakov do for Igor Stravinsky?

Rimsky-Korsakov tutored Stravinsky mainly in orchestration and acted as the budding composer’s mentor, discussing each new work and offering suggestions. He also used his influence to get his pupil’s music performed.

Where did Stravinsky live most of his life?

Stravinsky was born on 17 June 1882 in Oranienbaum, a suburb of Saint Petersburg, the Russian imperial capital, and was brought up in Saint Petersburg.   His parents were Fyodor Stravinsky, a bass singer at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, and Anna (née Kholodovsky).