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What type of game is Diner Dash?

What type of game is Diner Dash?

strategy and time management video game
Diner Dash is a strategy and time management video game initially developed by Gamelab and published by PlayFirst. It is now owned and published by Glu Mobile. It was one of the top-selling downloadable games of all-time, available in multiple platforms such as PC, Mac, consoles, and mobile.

Who created Diner Dash?

Glu MobileGamelabHudson SoftCoresoft
Diner Dash/Developers

What happened to Diner Dash Flo?

After completing the long brutal pathway, the goddess congratulated Flo and officially declared her the greatest waitress forever. The goddess then leaves Flo to continue her own destiny while she went back to run her restaurant. The ending to Diner Dash.

What is the latest Diner Dash game?


  • Diner Dash (2012 Reboot?)
  • Diner Dash Rush (2013)
  • Diner Dash (2014 Reboot for iOS and Android)
  • Diner Dash Adventures (2019)

Where can I play Avenue Flo?

Avenue for Android.

Where can I buy Diner Dash?

Diner Dash – Win – CD –

Where is Flo’s diner in Diner Dash game?

Flo’s Diner is located in Avenue Flo in the game as usual (with other landmarks significantly changed). The food served in this game are Cookie’s Organic Hamburger, Apple Pie with Cornmeal Crust, Grandma’s Corny Meatloaf, Spudville Beef Stew, Homestyle Turkey Dinner, Dinertown Pot Pie and Turkey Apple Surprise.

What did Flo do when the diner was for sale?

A closed down diner was for sale and Flo resolved to start an empire of restaurants using her waitressing skills she learned from her childhood.

What kind of clothes does Flo wear in Diner Dash?

Almost every male character in DinerTown fancies her, this due to her beauty and role as a miracle worker. Flo’s most current appearance. Flo’s iconc outfit is her black pants, her pastel blue shirt, her mild blue full-body apron and a red Converse-style sneakers.

What does Flo do in the garden dash?

In Garden Dash, Flo is there to help Barb with her gardening project, she will also gift Barb a flower pot choice every few levels. In the Cooking Dash series, Flo and Grandma Florence are there to bring home their beloved chef Cookie from his famous lifestyle.