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What was a typical of city tenement buildings apex?

What was a typical of city tenement buildings apex?

What was a tenement apex? a large apartment building that was usually overcrowded and dirty.

What was it like living in a tenement?

Living conditions were deplorable: Built close together, tenements typically lacked adequate windows, rendering them poorly ventilated and dark, and they were frequently in disrepair. Vermin were a persistent problem as buildings lacked proper sanitation facilities.

What were the conditions in a tenement house?

Cramped, poorly lit, under ventilated, and usually without indoor plumbing, the tenements were hotbeds of vermin and disease, and were frequently swept by cholera, typhus, and tuberculosis.

What was life like in tenements during the 1900?

Many families worked out of their apartments as well – sewing clothes or rolling cigars. Tenement buildings were usually made of brick and built side by side on narrow streets. As a result, most rooms had only one or two windows, sometimes none. The atmosphere was suffocating.

What was it hard to do laundry in tenements?

Why is it hard to do laundry in tenements? Answer: Laundry was hard to do in tenements because, in many cases, there was no clean running water accessible.

What was a slum apex?

Answer: A. An area of a city that was poor, dangerous, and crowded.

What was a tenement and what was it like to live in one?

Apartments contained just three rooms; a windowless bedroom, a kitchen and a front room with windows. A contemporary magazine described tenements as, “great prison-like structures of brick, with narrow doors and windows, cramped passages and steep rickety stairs. . . .

What were tenement buildings like during the Industrial Revolution?

Tenements were low rise buildings built in close proximity of each other. Each building for example, was from one to two feet away from the other. Each building was five to seven stories tall and built on a lot size of 25 wide by 100 feet long.

Why did sinks stink in tenements?

According to How the Other Half Lives, why did sinks stink in tenements? They were old and rusty. They were filled with waste water.

What problems did tenement dwellers face?

Tenement-dwellers had to face several hardships such as poor life conditions and health problems due to the fact that little ventilation and little air could pass in those spaces. In most of the cases the inside of the rooms had no lights, and the diseases caused many children to die very young.

What are slums answers?

Answer: A slum is a part of a city or a town where many poor people live. It consists of small huts of people made either of metal roofs or concrete slabs.

What are slums Brainly?

an area of a city where living conditions are extremely bad, and where the buildings are dirty and have not been repaired for a long time.