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What was Michael Jacksons Favourite Colour?

What was Michael Jacksons Favourite Colour?

Michael Jackson Age, Death, Wife, Family, Biography, & More

Favorite Color Red, Black, White and Golden
Favorite Singers James Brown, Jackie Wilson, Smokey Robinson, Sammy Davis Jr., The Temptations, Diana Ross
Favorite Movies ‘Peter Pan’, ‘E.T.’, ‘Star Wars’

Why is La Toya Jackson White?

Michael, LaToya said, has grown lighter over the years because he has lupus, a chronic disorder that causes skin lesions and can be aggravated by the sun. ”He doesn`t want anybody to know he has this disease,” she said.

How much is LaToya Jackson worth?

But she eventually followed in her family’s footsteps and released her debut solo album in 1984. She had a moderately successful music career throughout the 80s, and is now worth a respectable US$2.5 million.

Is LaToya Jackson Michael’s sister?

La Toya Jackson is a member of the large Jackson family, and a sister of Michael, Janet and the Jackson 5. She has caused controversy over the years, but what is she up to now and what music has she released?

What is Michael Jackson’s favorite animal?

Bubbles the chimpanzee
Michael Jackson was a big animal lover and his most famous pet was Bubbles the chimpanzee. Bubbles was adopted from a Texan research facility and the pair soon became inseparable.

What is Michael Jackson’s Favourite food?

He showed his true American spirit by gorging on Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). He also loved Mexican food, especially cheese quesadilla, Japanese sushi, pizzas, fish, popcorn, frosted flakes with milk.

How old would Michael Jackson be?

50 years (1958–2009)
Michael Jackson/Age at death

What killed MJ?

June 25, 2009
Michael Jackson/Date of death

Who is the richest Jackson?

Janet Jackson
Surprisingly, Janet Jackson is the richest Jackson with an estimated over 185 million records sold worldwide and a new documentary coming soon. Even after death, Michael Jackson is bringing a huge amount of funds to his Estate and family of course.

How old is Latoya?

About 34 years (1987)
LaToya Forever/Age

Did Michael Jackson forgive LaToya?

La Toya Jackson: Michael Forgave Me For Speaking Out Against Him In 1993. La Toya Jackson said her late brother, Michael Jackson, forgave her for accusing him of inappropriate relations with children back in 1993. “He says, ‘La Toya, I know what you’re gonna say.

What is Michael Jackson’s favorite food?