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What was the secret that Antoine confessed in the paper?

What was the secret that Antoine confessed in the paper?

Sunday, December 3 The story is about Antoine’s confession that he went to Lake Windsor High School while living in the Tangerine district. And, it is about what followed the admission, the nullification of all Lake Windsor High School football victories since Antoine started playing on the team.

What was the result of the big soccer game between Tangerine Middle School and Lake Windsor middle?

But, last year, Lake Windsor beat Tangerine. Victor adds that Lake Windsor stole the championship last year and must pay this year. As the bus goes by the housing developments near Paul’s home, the team members make comments and refer to the housing developments as Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

What did Tangerine County Sports Commission do when they found out that Antoine Thomas lived in Tangerine?

Expert Answers They have nicer schools, better sports teams, and get more attention from colleges and athletic scouts.

What happened to Erik at his first football game of the season?

Unlock Apparently, Erik and Arthur were utterly humiliated, made to look like a right pair of fools by Brian deliberately throwing the ball badly. Clearly, Paul’s father thinks this is all a giant tragedy.

Why did Theresa tell Paul not to go to Luis funeral?

Theresa Cruz calls Paul to tell him not to come to Luis’s funeral. She doesn’t want anything bad to happen. So their family knows what happened with Erik and Arthur. Paul’s mind is blown a little—he’s not used to families that tell each other everything.

How many tented houses have been robbed of their valuables?

(8) How many tented houses have been robbed of their valuables? Twenty-five tented houses in Lake Windsor Downs have been robbed of their valuables.

Does Erik go to jail in tangerine?

Paul tells the police what he saw instead of covering for his brother, and Arthur is arrested while Erik is placed under house arrest. Paul agrees to give the police a full statement to help convict them.

What happens in the last play of the Lake Windsor soccer game?

What happens in the last play of the Lake Windsor soccer game? Paul jumps the opposite way in the goal, missing where the ball is headed. Luckily, Gino is intimidated by Paul being in the goal and misses, tying the game. Tangerine wins the titles since they only have one tie, and Lake Windsor has two.

Why did Erik spray paint Paul’s eyes?

Erik and Vincent spray-painted Paul’s eyes because they believed that Paul was the one who got Vincent into trouble. While Erik held Paul’s eyelids open, Vincent sprayed white paint into them. This horrifying incident left Paul screaming in pain on the garage floor.

Why are the tented houses the ones that are being robbed?

They’re considered a pest similar to bedbugs or cockroaches, and homeowners usually need to have their homes fumigated by a special termite control company in order to remove them. Since homeowners have to leave their houses when fumigation occurs, Erik and Arthur were able to steal valuables from the unguarded houses.

Why did Joey quit the soccer team in tangerine?

Joey gets mad at Paul for putting him in the same group as Tino, and when Paul explains that it’ll help him make friends with more soccer team members, Joey tells him that he quit the team. Paul can’t believe it, but Joey goes on to say he doesn’t want to play soccer at all anymore. He’s going to switch to football.

Why did Erik punch Tino?

(7) Why does Erik punch Tino? Erik punched Tino because Tino had started to make fun of Eric about his bad football game. You just studied 25 terms!