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What water temperature do alligators live in?

What water temperature do alligators live in?

Alligators rely on the sun to warm their bodies and increase their metabolism. They can live in water as cold as 40 degrees.

Do alligators like warm or cold water?

Alligators can survive in water as cold as 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but it is not ideal. “Obviously, that is not optimal, being frozen like that,” North Carolina’s Shallotte River Swamp Park general manager George Howard told HuffPost in 2018, when alligators were videoed icing in his swamp.

Can alligators and crocodiles live in cold climates?

While it’s hard to believe they are able to survive icy conditions, animal experts said they are very much alive and well. Since they’re cold-blooded, they rely on the sun to warm them up which increases their body temperature. Once the ice melts, they will come out of the water to sunbathe and warm up.

What temperature do alligators prefer?

82o to 92o F
Alligators are ectothermic — they rely on external sources of heat to maintain body temperature. They are most active at warmer temperatures and prefer 82o to 92o F (28o to 33o C). They stop feeding when ambient temperature drops below 70o F (21o C), and become dormant below 55o F (13o C).

Do alligators eat their babies?

Though mother alligators are usually very good parents, some literature implies that male American Alligators tend to be unconcerned with their offspring, or worse yet, have been known to eat the hatchlings. Because of multiple paternity, it is possible the males don’t even know which hatchlings are theirs.

Can alligators hibernate?

Alligators often do not encounter freezing temperatures, so the cold-blooded creatures will go into a hibernation-like behavior called brumation, according to Science Alert. “The normal response of most other crocs when it gets really cold is to come out of the water and try to bask to get warm again.”

How old can an alligator live?

American alligator: 30 – 50 years

Do alligators eat humans?

Alligators. Despite their manifest ability to kill prey similar to or larger than humans in size and their commonness in an area of dense human settlement (the southeastern United States, especially Florida), American alligators rarely prey upon humans.

Could an alligator survive a Chicago winter?

According to Grandurski, the hunt for the alligator is an “hour to hour situation,” but should the alligator evade capture, experts believe it could survive a Chicago winter.

Are alligators cold-blooded or warm blooded?

They are cold-blooded and depend on the natural world around them to provide warmth. To do this, they will bask in the sun or dig holes in mud to trap heat. Although American alligators can be hard to miss while basking on the shore, they can look eerily like logs when floating in the water.

How do alligators survive the winter?

But “these reptiles can survive brief stints of icy conditions by extending the tips of their snouts above the ice layer,” the department wrote on its Facebook page. …

Why do alligators live in warm climate?

He’s able to live where ground temperatures reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit — or even higher — because he can burrow underground to escape the heat or to protect himself against freezing in his dormant stage.