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What wheels will fit a Kawasaki mule?

What wheels will fit a Kawasaki mule?

As far as the stock Kawasaki Mule tire size and Kawasaki Mule rim size, most Mules come equipped with 23” by 11” tires with 10” wheels.

What size tires will fit my Kawasaki mule?

Kawasaki Tires and Wheels Application Chart

Mule 1000/2500 (F&R) – 12mm studs 22x11x10 12×1.25mm
Mule 3000/3010/4010 (F&R) – 12mm studs 23x11x10 12×1.25mm
Mule Pro-FXT, 15-16 (F) 26x9x12 12×1.25mm
Mule Pro-FXT, 15-16 (R) 26x11x12 12×1.25mm

Can I put bigger tires on my UTV?

What Size Tires Will Fit My ATV or UTV? Bigger tires can assuredly help you gain ground clearance and traction in sand, deep mud, snow or uneven terrain. As a general rule, most vehicles can safely handle an increase in tire size one or even two sizes larger than stock.

What is CAN AM lug pattern?

Can-Am: All modern ATV and SxS’s are 4/137 bolt pattern.

Will teryx wheels fit a mule?

Teryx wheels have larger lug holes. The Teryx uses 12mm wheel studs, the Mule is 10mm.

What size tires are on a Kawasaki Mule 4010?

Tire Size: 23 x 11.

Do bigger tires make your speedometer faster or slower?

You might ask: do bigger tires make your speedometer faster? The answer is no. Tire size and speedometer accuracy are directly linked to each other. Up-sizing, or installing a taller tire, will lead to a speedometer reading that is slower than your actual speed.

Do bigger tires make you go faster or slower?

You can do what we call “plus sizing.” Plus sizing is when the wheel gets larger in diameter, but the size of the tire’s sidewall shrinks to maintain the tire’s overall diameter. Larger wheel diameters can result in faster and more composed handling; however, it can also result in slower acceleration capability.

Is Kawasaki and Can Am same bolt pattern?

Kawasaki: Mule and Teryx use a 4/137 bolt pattern. The 4 X 137 bolt pattern is common to KAWASAKI, CAN-AM BOMBARDIER and SUZUKI vehicles. Note: Alloy wheels should always be installed using a torque wrench ensuring proper mount. Check your vehicle owner manual for proper specifications.

Will Can Am rims fit Kawasaki Teryx?

Both the CanAm and the Teryx share the same 4/136 bolt pattern. Some companies refer to this as 4/137, but generally that is because they already had a 4/137 wheel, and if they leave the lug holes big enough it can fit on either one and they can avoid building a whole new wheel.

What bolt pattern is 4×137?

4X137-4X136 atv bolt patterns are popular with Kawasaki, Bombardier and Can Am Utvs. Including Can am Commander, Maverick, Max. Kawasaki model include Teryx 750-800, Teryx 4, Mule 500, 550, 600, 610, 3010 and 4010 and more.