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What word is performance?

What word is performance?

the act of performing a ceremony, play, piece of music, etc. the execution or accomplishment of work, acts, feats, etc. a particular action, deed, or proceeding. an action or proceeding of an unusual or spectacular kind: His temper tantrum was quite a performance. the act of performing.

What is the root word for thing?

thing (n.) The Germanic word is perhaps literally “appointed time,” from a PIE *tenk- (1), from root *ten- “stretch,” perhaps on notion of “stretch of time for a meeting or assembly.” The thing “what’s stylish or fashionable” is recorded from 1762.

What is the antonym of performance?

Antonyms: cessation, deliberation, endurance, immobility, inaction, inactivity, inertia, passion (In philosophic sense), quiescence, quiet, repose, rest, suffering, suspension.

What is the opposite words of performance?

“This pitch has done nothing but display the ineffectiveness of your product.”…What is the opposite of performance?

ineffectiveness uselessness
unproductiveness ineffectualness
ineffectuality inefficacy
disregard failure
unfulfillment incompetence

What does D Thong mean?

1 : a strip especially of leather or hide. 2 : a sandal held on the foot by a thong fitting between the toes and connected to a strap across the top or around the sides of the foot.

Can a person be called a thing?

Calling a person a ‘thing’ is dehumanising and even in this context it is patronising. It suggests they do not see the person but an object (in this case a sex object). Some people might be offended by being spoken about this way.

What is the verb form of performance?

perform. To do something; to execute. To do something in front of an audience, often in order to entertain it.

What is a good word for performance?

synonyms for performance

  • achievement.
  • act.
  • conduct.
  • work.
  • completion.
  • consummation.
  • enforcement.
  • fruition.

What is another word for high performance?

What is another word for high-performance?

jazzed-up gassed-up
high geared high performance
high speed hopped-up
pepped-up pumped-up
revved-up speedy

Where did name G String come from?

G-string is an Americanism first used to describe an Indian’s loin cloth or breechclout in the 19th century. It could be that some fiddler in the West compared the heaviest of violin strings, the G string, to the length of sinew or gut the Indians tied around their waists to hold up their breechclouts.

What does Thang mean in slang?

US slang. : thing “When it comes to music, man, there ain’t but one place to pay attention to right now. It’s a Long Beach thang.”— Domino …

What is the difference between a person and a thing?

By Person is meant whatever in any respect is regarded as the subject of a right: by Thing, on the other hand, is denoted whatever is opposed to person. Attempts at specifiying the “true nature” of such “juridical persons,” though often made, have usually ended in failure or, at the very least, confusion.