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When did the UEFA Cup finish?

When did the UEFA Cup finish?

The tournament ran for 39 seasons, with the final edition held in 1998–99, after which it was absorbed into the UEFA Cup….UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup.

Founded 1960 (rebranded in 1994)
Abolished 1999
Region Europe (UEFA)
Number of teams 32 (first round)
Related competitions UEFA Cup (merged with)

When did the Intertoto Cup start?

UEFA Intertoto Cup/First event date

Who won the 2006 Intertoto Cup?

Newcastle United
2006 UEFA Intertoto Cup

Tournament details
Dates 17 June 2006 – 22 July 2006
Teams 49
Final positions
Champions Newcastle United and 10 others (see below)

Who won the 2001 Intertoto Cup?

Aston Villa
The 2001 UEFA Intertoto Cup finals were won by Aston Villa, Paris Saint-Germain and Troyes. All three teams advanced to the UEFA Cup.

Why did the Intertoto Cup end?

Following the threat of bans of English teams from all UEFA competitions, the situation was eventually resolved with three English clubs entering weakened teams, and none of them qualified. In following years, UEFA made it possible for nations to forfeit Intertoto places.

When did West Ham win the Intertoto Cup?

The 1999 UEFA Intertoto Cup finals were won by Montpellier, Juventus, and West Ham United. All three teams advanced to the UEFA Cup….1999 UEFA Intertoto Cup.

Tournament details
Champions Juventus West Ham United Montpellier
Tournament statistics
Matches played 114
Goals scored 300 (2.63 per match)

Is UEFA every year?

The UEFA European Championship (the ‘Euros’) is a national men’s football competition between Europpan countries, held every four years.

Is there a 3rd and 4th place play off in the Euros?

Is there a 3rd and 4th place play off at Euro 2020? There is no third place play off at Euro 2020. UEFA, European football’s governing body and Euros tournament organisers, scrapped the third and fourth placed play off after the 1980 football competition.

Does the Intertoto Cup still exist?

The competition was discontinued after the 2008 tournament. Teams who originally would have entered the Intertoto Cup now directly enter the qualifying stages of the UEFA Europa League from this point. This reflects its background, which was as a tournament solely for football pools.