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When Hendry Norton asks Carole What are you anyway he is asking her?

When Hendry Norton asks Carole What are you anyway he is asking her?

Answer: Mr Norton curious about Carole’s ethnic roots asks her what colour she would make her father’s face, if she were to draw him. Carole is puzzled by this question and obviously does not what colour to use. So, she says that she would never use one colour.

What is the symbolism of the black doll in So what are you anyway?

The symbol in this story is the black doll because Mr. and Mrs Norton are harassing a little girl because her doll is black and also her dad is black.

What are you anyway characters?

The major character (round character) is the young girl, Carole. She also is a protagonist . The antagonistes are Henry Norton and his wife. Minor character are the passengers who were sitting in the plane.

What was seat number of Carole in the plane?

Carole settles in Seat 12A, beside the window, puts her doll on a vacant seat and snaps open her purse. She holds up a mirror. She looks into her own dark eyes. She examines her handful of freckles, which are tiny ink spots dotting her cheeks.

What is the impact of Henry’s questions about race on Carole?

Answer: The question discriminates between races and said in a derogatory fashion. Innocent Carole was targeted and demeaned for the color of the skin. Though she doesn’t understand the concept of race she felt uncomfortable with the question.

How would you describe Carole’s understanding of the words race and mulatto?

Answer: Carole does not understand the term ‘ race ‘ . but from the tone of Norton’s she understand that something is bad . she has not heard the word ‘mulatto’ either she is so taken aback when she is asked wether she is a mulatto or not , she fumbles and ask what the word mean .

What is the significance of the title so what are you anyway?

Answer: The story “So What Are You Anyway” by Lawrence Hill is about racism; a young girl named Carole is seated next to a couple named Henry and Betty Norton who question her about her race. Carole being a child doesn’t understand the concept of race or why it would matter to these complete strangers.

What does the doll symbolize in so what are you anyway?

Carole’s Doll: Doll represents the way people see others through their colour. Shows the existence of racism in society.

What does Mr Norton represent?

Mr. Norton represents the white Northern liberal who considers it his duty to civilize blacks.

What Colour did Carole say she would Colour her mother?

Answer: Carole wants to color her mother in different shades, inspite of the fact that she is a white woman. This is because there is no one color to depict the whiteness of the skin. She falters and says that she could be yellow.

Was Carole Lombard married to Clark Gable when she died?

On January 16, 1942, the actress Carole Lombard, famous for her roles in such screwball comedies as My Man Godfrey and To Be or Not to Be, and for her marriage to the actor Clark Gable, is killed when the TWA DC-3 plane she is traveling in crashes en route from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. She was 33.

What are you anyways theme?

The theme is Prejudice: learning to not judge a book by its cover. The story begins with a little girl named Carole.