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When was happy talk released?

When was happy talk released?

Happy Talk/Released

Is Happy Talk racist?

“Happy Talk” is occasionally cut from productions of South Pacific on the grounds that the song is racist, citing the fake pidgin in which it is written….Captain Sensible version.

“Happy Talk”
Songwriter(s) Richard Rodgers (music) Oscar Hammerstein II (lyrics)
Producer(s) Tony Mansfield

Who sang Happy Talk in 1982?

Captain Sensible
Happy Talk/Artists

Who sings happy talk in South Pacific?

Juanita Hall

What movie is Some Enchanted Evening from?

South Pacific
Some Enchanted Evening/Movie

What film is happy talk from?

Happy Talk/Movie

What is the meaning of happy talk?

1 : informal talk among the participants in a television news broadcast also : a broadcast format featuring such talk. 2 : optimistic talk.

What is Captain Sensible doing now?

Captain Sensible left in the 1980s to concentrate on solo projects, but rejoined in 1996 after Scabies left, and co-wrote Grave Disorder, the band’s first new studio album for 8 years, in 2001. He continues to tour and record with the band.

Can you play some enchanted evening?

Some Enchanted Evening/Play

Did Rossano Brazzi sing in the movie South Pacific?

For many years, Rossano Brazzi maintained that he himself had performed his vocals in South Pacific (1958), despite the fact that prominent baritone Giorgio Tozzi received on-screen credit as “the singing voice of Emile de Becque.” Brazzi later sang for himself in The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t (1966), and his vocals …

Who sampled happy talk?

Happy Talk by Captain Sensible – Samples, Covers and Remixes | WhoSampled.

What is Captain Sensible’s real name?

Raymond Ian Burns
Captain Sensible/Full name

Captain Sensible, real name Raymond Ian Burns, is one of the founders of British punk band The Damned.