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Where can I find my old IQ test results?

Where can I find my old IQ test results?

Your college record will often include these scores. Call the Registrar’s Office at the college or university where you attended or graduated; tell them you need a copy of any test scores in your file. American Mensa will accept either an official transcript or a letter signed by a school administrator.

Where you can find the first intelligence history?

The first modern intelligence test in IQ history was developed in 1904, by Alfred Binet (1857-1911) and Theodore Simon (1873-1961). The French Ministry of Education asked these researchers to develop a test that would allow for distinguishing mentally retarded children from normally intelligent, but lazy children.

How do I find out my original IQ?

IQ was originally computed by taking the ratio of mental age to chronological (physical) age and multiplying by 100. Thus, if a 10-year-old child had a mental age of 12 (that is, performed on the test at the level of an average 12-year-old), the child was assigned an IQ of 12/10 × 100, or 120.

What was the first reliable IQ test?

First IQ Test This first intelligence test, referred to today as the Binet-Simon Scale, became the basis for the intelligence tests still in use today. However, Binet himself did not believe that his psychometric instruments could be used to measure a single, permanent, and inborn level of intelligence.

Where can I find my IQ?

The 11 Best Free Online IQ Tests

  1. of 11. Free-IQTest. net’s Free IQ Test.
  2. of 11. Brain Metrix’s Free IQ Test.
  3. of 11. Free IQ Test at See My Personality.
  4. of 11. Free IQ Test at FunEducation.
  5. of 11. Free IQ Test at
  6. of 11. Free IQ Test at Memorado.
  7. of 11. Free IQ Test at
  8. of 11. PsychTests’ Free IQ Test.

How do I access my IQ?

The IQ was calculated by dividing the individual’s mental age (determined by performance on the test) by his or her chronological age and multiplying by 100. Today, the most commonly-used IQ test is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale.

What was Einstein’s IQ?

2. Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist and philosopher of science whose estimated IQ scores range from 205 to 225 by different measures.

How did Lewis Terman calculate IQ?

Terman maintained the concept of mental age in devising his formula for calculating the intelligence quotient (IQ). The formula is IQ = mental age/chronological age multiplied by 100. Thus if the child’s mental age equals her chronological age, her IQ will equal 100.

What is the average IQ by age?

As per research, the average IQ for each age group may be interpreted in the following manner: The average score for 16-17-year-olds is 108, which denotes normal or average intelligence. For adults between 18 and 19 years of age, the average IQ score is 105, which also denotes normal or average intelligence.

Who has the lowest IQ in the world?

What Is The Lowest IQ Score? The lowest IQ score is 0/200, but nobody in recorded history has officially scored 0. Any result below 75 points is an indicator of some form of mental or cognitive impairment. Having a high or low IQ may shed some light on your ability to solve certain types of problems.

Who has highest IQ in world?

Countries by IQ – Average IQ by Country

Rank Country IQ
1 Japan 106.48
2 Taiwan 106.47
3 Singapore 105.89
4 Hong Kong 105.37

How can I test my IQ online for free?

Free IQ Test from 123test There are two free IQ tests that you can take at 123test, classical and culture. The classical intelligence test gives you a sense of what an actual IQ test is like and the culture fair test is the certified test of the International High IQ Society.