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Where can I watch SonLife Broadcasting Network?

Where can I watch SonLife Broadcasting Network?

SBN NOW App. The SBN NOW app, available on the following platforms: iOS, Android, AppleTV, Amazon Fire Stick/TV, and Roku, allows you to enjoy the Sonlife Broadcasting Network channels from your favorite devices.

What channel is SBN on TV?

Son Life Broadcasting HD is on channel 344.

Where can I watch Jimmy Swaggart?

Now you can watch us on your You Tube app. Simply look for “SonLife Broadcasting Network” and tune in live!

What channel is Jimmy Swaggart on cable?

Channel 344
Jimmy Swaggart is on Channel 344 on Direct TV.

What channel is SBN on Suddenlink?

Our new channel will be 14.7.

What happened to Jimmy Swaggart channel?

He currently owns and operates the SonLife Broadcasting Network and Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Sexual scandals with prostitutes in the late 1980s and early 1990s led the Assemblies of God to defrock him.

Is SBN still on the air?

We are working on getting it back up as soon as possible. SBN can be viewed via YouTube or the SBN NOW app. WACX Superchannel 55.4 in Florida is temporarily off the air due to technical reasons. We should resume programming wihtin the next 2 weeks.

Does Jimmy Swaggart still come on TV?

Swaggart’s TV ministry, which began in 1971, has a viewing audience both in the U.S. and internationally….

Jimmy Swaggart
Years active 1955–present
Television The Jimmy Swaggart Telecast (1971–present), SonLife Broadcasting Network (2007-present)
Spouse(s) Frances Swaggart ​ ( m. 1952)​
Children Donnie Swaggart

What happened to SBN on cable?

Cox has chosen to remove SBN from their channel lineup. We are still working to have them reconsider their position. We ask that ALL Donors to SBN please continue to request SBN be added back to the lineup. New cable carrier for SBN – New Dawn Fiber on Channel 15.

Is SBN still on Direct TV?

SBN will no longer be on 64.1 (KILM) or the cable channels it aired on. However, we are still on all of the Charter (Formerly Time Warner) homes, Dish, Directv, and Verizon.

Why is Jimmy Swaggart off the air?

(AP) _ Jimmy Swaggart, once the nation’s most-watched televanglist, is losing his international TV ministry after encounters with prostitutes cut into his audience. Swaggart, found in a prostitute’s company last month and photographed with one in 1987, has taken a leave from the pulpit.

What time does Jimmy Swaggart come on?


Time TV Show
12:00 pm Jimmy Swaggart Broadcast
2:00 pm FWC Music
3:00 pm Donnie Swaggart Broadcast
5:00 pm Message of the Cross