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Where did Brent Smith go to high school?

Where did Brent Smith go to high school?

South-Doyle High School
Brent Smith/Education
Smith grew up in Knoxville and graduated from South-Doyle High School. In Knoxville, he performed in the band Dreve and signed with Atlantic Records.

Is Brent Smith an only child?

Lyric Santana Smith
Brent Smith/Children

Does shinedown swear?

He doesn’t cuss just to cuss; he doesn’t want to put it in songs just to put it in songs. That’s why you haven’t heard it on Shinedown records. For some reason this time he had to get it out, so he did.”

Did Brent Smith cut his hair?

Smith’s dance moves almost made me feel uncomfortable. From spins and stretches it almost seemed like he was doing some sort of Zumba routine onstage. He also cut his long hair and had some sort of 1920’s style comb-over going on which added to the weird appearance.

How old is Barry Kerch?

45 years (August 7, 1976)
Barry Kerch/Age

Who is the mother of Brent Smith’s son?

Personal life. Brent has a son, Lyric Santana Smith, with his ex-fiancé, Ashley Smith Marshall.

How tall is Brent Smith?

5′ 10″
Brent Smith/Height

Who is Barry Kerch married to?

Barry Kerch, 41, was born at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo., but left Colorado soon after and grew up in Panama City, Fla. He has a wife, Lori, and a daughter, Stella.

Where does Barry Kerch live?

So I think it’s a badge of honor.” While Kerch, who grew up in Panama City, still lives in Jacksonville, the rest of the band has spread out. Bass lives in his hometown of Charleston, S.C.; guitarist Zach Myers, his hometown of Memphis.

How old is Zach Myers?

38 years (November 7, 1983)
Zach Myers/Age

How old is shinedown?

Shinedown in 2015. From left to right: Zach Myers, Brent Smith, Eric Bass and Barry Kerch. Jacksonville, Florida, U.S. Shinedown is an American rock band from Jacksonville, Florida, formed by singer Brent Smith in 2001 after the dissolution of Dreve, his previous band.

How old is Eric Bass?

47 years (October 23, 1974)
Eric Bass/Age