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Where is the best place to sell Toby jugs?

Where is the best place to sell Toby jugs?

Online auction sites are a great place to find real-world valuations for Toby Jugs. By browsing completed online auction listings, you can see an item’s exact selling price. eBay and Live Auctioneers are two well-known online auction platforms.

How do you know if a Toby Jug is valuable?

How to tell if a Toby Jug is Valuable.

  1. Take a look at the colour, bright colours are normally late 19 century, but biscuit colours point to an older jug.
  2. Look at the thickness of the moulding, the thicker the moulding, the newer the jug.
  3. Look at the base, and if he has hollow feet, then almost certain before 1840.

What are Toby mugs worth?

Demand and value of the mug has remained consistent in a price range between $120 and $180. “The price on character or Toby mugs can range anywhere from $15 to hundreds of dollars to even thousands of dollars, depending on the size, age, where it’s made, and the condition,” Eileen Linden said.

How do you date a Toby Jug?

Look for a number in the upper right hand corner of the underside of the jug. Royal Doulton stamped a number there which, when added to the number 1927, will give you the date the piece was made. This number was stamped on the Toby jugs from the year 1927 on. Estimate the date that the Toby jug was made.

Why are they called Toby jugs?

Most likely, it was named after a notorious 18th century Yorkshire drinker, Henry Elwes, who was known as “Toby Fillpot” (or Philpot) and was inspired by an old English drinking song, “The Brown Jug”, which paid tribute to Toby Fillpot, whose ashes were made into Toby’s jug; the popular verses were first published in …

How many Toby jugs are there?

His collection of 8,000 Toby Jugs became a museum.

Are Toby jugs a real thing?

A Toby Jug, also sometimes known as a Fillpot (or Philpot), is a pottery jug in the form of a seated person, or the head of a recognizable person. It is thought to be a development of similar Delft jugs that were produced in the Netherlands.

Who was Toby philpots?

Which Royal Doulton figurines are the most valuable?

Bunnykins Series The Royal Doulton Bunnykins figurines arrived on the market in 1933, and the company produced more than 150 bunny-themed pieces. The most valuable Bunnykins pieces feature artist Barbara Vernon’s signature.

Are Toby Jugs still made?

Most Toby Jug manufacturers have discontinued making them as their popularity has ebbed during the 21st Century. Today, there are only three companies still producing Character and Toby Jugs, however if history is to repeat itself, one might look forward to a resurgence in the future.

Are Toby Jugs a real thing?

How many different Toby Jugs are there?

Seventy-one years later, Mullins displays more than 8,000 of the jugs at the American Toby Jug Museum in this lakeside suburb north of Chicago. The jugs, some going as far back as the 18th century and other as recent as the “Black Panther” film, are commonly referred to as Toby Jugs.