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Where is the fuse for the radiator fan located?

Where is the fuse for the radiator fan located?

The cooling fan relay is normally located in either the underhood fuse and relay center or mounted to the electric fan assembly behind the radiator.

Is there a fuse for the radiator fan?

A radiator fan is necessary to keep your car cool. The fuses inside of the radiator fan must be in good working order to make sure that the engine is able to stay cool. Without these components your car overheats.

Why won’t the radiator fan come on?

If the fan doesn’t come on, you need to look for a blown fuse or breaker. In older cars, you might have a fusible link – this is wire within an insulated block of rubber. Try to grab the end and stretch it. If the wire stretches, the wire link could be broken and you’ll need to replace it.

How do I know if my radiator fan fuse is bad?

These are the most common signs of a faulty radiator fan assembly in need of replacement:

  1. Engine Overheating. When the radiator fan isn’t functioning properly, it is not able to adequately cool down the car’s engine.
  2. Air Conditioner Function Diminished.
  3. Loud Noise Coming From Radiator Fan.

Where is the fan control module located?

The cooling fan control module in your vehicle is located at the front left of the engine compartment next to the radiator.

Where is the relay switch for a radiator fan?

The fan relay is usually located near the bottom of the engine compartment on a metal frame member. The metal acts as a heat sink to keep the fan relay cool.

How do I manually start my radiator fan?

How to Manually Turn on a Radiator Fan

  1. Cut the power and ground wire at the fan harness, leaving 6 inches or more to connect new wires.
  2. Install the four-terminal relay to a solid mounting location as close to the radiator as possible.
  3. Attach a spade-end crimp to one end of a 16-gauge wire.

How do I know if my fan control module is bad?

Symptoms of a Cooling Fan Module Failure

  1. An overheating engine. When the cooling fan module fails completely, the cooling fans will not work at all.
  2. Cooling fans running non-stop.
  3. Poor circulation of fresh air in the cabin of the car.